“He can seduce General Bull Demon?impossible!”

“wrong!He did not succeed in temptation!”
“but,The general bull demon’s reaction seems a little strange!”The gods and peoples on the opposite side have a lot of discussions,Uniform curiosity。
Lu Menglin is another《Temptation halo》Shoot out,On the head of General Bull Demon。
“What are you doing??Hit it!”Lu Menglin suddenly shouted。
Mufeiyan wakes up like a dream,The staff in hand flashed again,Thunderbolt activation。
boom!A falling thunder exploded on the head of General Bull Demon,The power of electric light blows it to bloody flesh,Even the body seems to be shorter。
The bull demon general suffers,Going crazy,How do you know that Lu Menglin is another“Temptation halo”Shoot out,Confused it again。
Mufeiyan beautiful eyes blinking,It’s already this time,If she still doesn’t know how to seize the opportunity,That would be stupid。
boom!Another lightning technique fell on General Bull Demon。
Nourish!A halo of temptation was placed on the head of General Bull Demon,Once again suppressed its movements。
boom!boom!boom!Mu Fei full firepower,Several consecutive lightning strikes,The poor General Bull Demon’s head was almost cut out of blue smoke。
But it can only stay in place and get beaten,Behaved like a grandson。
the reason is simple,Whenever it is going to be violent,When there is movement,An aura of temptation will always be just right on its head,Interrupted its movement,Make it sluggish。
Connect one link,Lu Menglin and Mu Feiyan have a good sense of rhythm,There is some unspeakable tacit understanding,And that poor General Bull Demon is a tragedy。

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