It’s better to hit the sun,Ye Xingkong wants to go around the track with Ding Keyu。Already invited,Gladly agreed。

Two in tandem,Ding Keyu sensationally tells Ke Lan’s funny stories when he was a child and the bits and pieces of getting along with him。
Remembering funny things is always so happy,Ding Keyu has a happy smile on his face from time to time。
Unconsciously came to the top of the Three Peaks,Ding Keyu’s expression began to change,Ye Xingkong took the opportunity to mention whether Ding Kelan had an accident here。
This provocative remark,Enraged Ding Keyu’s inner hatred,Without warning,Ding Keyu was on impulse or planned,When Ye Xingkong bowed his body and looked,Ding Keyu took advantage of him,Actually pushed him off the cliff,Let Ye Xingkong caught off guard。
First183chapter Reunion
Ye Xingkong is defenseless, Ding Keyu will do such a trick。
Ding Keyu sees Ye Xingkong“slip”Fall into the cliff,Evil smile。
Between the cliffs,The body falls in a straight line,Like a heavy object falling fast from the sky。
Ye Xingkong’s ears wind like a knife,Eyes hard to open,Body can’t control,Slip quickly,Reach out,slip、Catch again,Slip again、Catch repeatedly。
If you can’t grasp it firmly, you will be scratched,Blood oozes instantly,I can’t let him think about it。Near the bottom of the cliff,Take out the iron in a panic,Random buttons,Slow transient speed,Due to impulse,Landing or getting hit。
People lose consciousness,Excessive bleeding,Shortly after falling to the ground,His face was restored to his former Harry。I do not know how long it has been,But I heard someone yell at him:“Hey、Hey,Wake up!”
Ye Xingkong reluctantly opened his eyes weakly,The man fetched him water,Feed him drink,I don’t know when I bandaged the wound。
“Colan?It’s you?”Ye Xingkong opened his eyes,Weak voice shouted in surprise,Now he even struggles to speak。
Yes,The person in front of you is Ding Kelan,He didn’t die。Black and long beard,Clothes basket,But not dirty,Tattered clothes,But neat。
Ding Kelan’s muscles are probably due to long-term climbing or exercise,Or to survive,A strong body,Eight pack abs are faintly visible。The whole person is strong,It makes people unable to be as gentle as the original、The cool and cold rich and the second young master are connected。
Ke Lan Qingqishuang cun,The beard squirmed up and down as he spoke,Low answer:“it’s me。”
Six hours,The cloth bag wrapped around Ye Xingkong should be detachable,Ding Kelan knows,On himXueShould be gone,Self-healing function of wound。But when Ding Kelan gently opened the wound from his hand to the waist and took a look,Still bloody,Washed with water before,I thought it would automatically heal as before,It’s not like that at all now。
Could it be that the recovery is slow because of a serious injury?Ding Kelan is in doubt。

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