She is mentally prepared,But she was greeted by a pile of banknotes?Several meanings?

At this moment,Fatty shook his head,I spit out two words very simply from my big mouth,“You said!”
Lu Menglin was also taken aback by his chubby behavior,But he reacted quickly,I also know the chubby mind。
“Little girl,What I want to say next,Listen carefully,Don’t miss a word。”Lu Menglin said with a horrible story。
This staggering scene,Plus someone’s very magnetic voice,How can we not attract the attention of Xiaozhu?
“You have only two choices now,One is to tell everything you know,Then take the money and leave,Never show up in this place again。Another option?Hehe!Just like them,Buried in the river beach,A year and a half,Wait for you to become a bone,Maybe there is a chance to come out and breathe。”Lu Menglin said solemnly。
Xiaozhu was so scared that she swallowed,The pile of money on the ground is very attractive to her,But she dare not,She is not sure what will happen to her betraying her companion。
“Stop talking nonsense with him,Bury it directly!Brothers divide the money,Can be happy for a few days。”Chubby。
“Ok,let me consider it。”Lu Menglin groaned,Waiting for the other party to collapse。
Little Zhu is confused,I haven’t thought about it yet,Suddenly heard a scream。
“you,What are you doing?Don’t bury me!”This is a woman’s voice,It’s the scream of the middle-aged woman。
“true,Really buried!”The beads can’t stand it all at once,The whole person is limp。
Talked for ten minutes,Lu Menglin and Fat Dun finally knew the whole story of this abduction。
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