just,Lu Menglin is more nostalgic now,He still has a lot of things to do,Haven’t reversed Su Xuehen’s fate,I haven’t given Kim So Yeon the happiness he wants.,Haven’t built the game empire of your dreams,I haven’t made my parents happy and happy to spend my old age,There are too many regrets too much to make up。

Is it,Are you leaving now??
Just when Lu Menglin was thinking about it,Suddenly the old nun’s voice came in my ears。
“do not move,Hear me out!Come to me,Poor nuns need to use Tai Sui mother to treat drugs,Try to buy me time。”
obviously,Only Lu Menglin heard what the old nun said,This is probably the so-called miracle of sound transmission,Lu Menglin was shocked,Nodded slightly without changing his face,There was a stunning brilliance in the eyes。
At this moment,Jiang Qizhi has already reached Lu Menglin’s face,He hesitated,It’s very strange why this time,Lu Menglin’s eyes still have such a lively look。
“Don’t you know what despair is like?”Jiang Qi straightened up his foot slowly,He has taken the secret medicine,At this moment, the strength of the body is only stronger than that of Lu Menglin.。
“Wait a moment!”Zhao Rensong suddenly said。
Jiang Qizhi’s feet hover in mid-air,He obviously didn’t dare to disobey Zhao Rensong。
“Lu Menglin,You are personal,I give you a chance to survive。As long as you submit to us,And introduce another martial arts master like an old nun for us,Then kill him!I can be the master,Let you join us。”Zhao Rensong said lightly。
Heard these words,Everyone present was shocked,Even Chai Jinxiong was taken aback for a while,Can’t help but frown。
“but,before this,You have to do one thing first。Is to kill the old nun personally!Only in this way,We will believe you。”Zhao Rensong smiled。
Hear here,Chai Jinxiong suddenly realized,Grinning gloomily。

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