“Different,Because in the group,Maybe there are only a few people。And you will be a national cadre,Is this bad?”The big chief began to flicker。

But actually he also understands,The so-called level is actually meaningless to Qin Feng。After all, even if there is a position there,At most, it’s just a shock to Xiao Xiao。When facing the members of the five major families,The other side will ignore you when they should ignore you。
so,The so-called position is useless。Because it’s obvious whether it’s a special team or a newly formed team,Can’t appear in the eyes of ordinary people。At most, some official systems know that there is such a group of people.。
“Don’t you want to play for the country??”The chief asked。
“Does working for the country conflict with my position??Besides,I don’t want to be treated in the form of the so-called high-level officials crushing people to death。”Qin Feng shook his head,Rejected the offer。
“Say,Now that the special forces are all shrinking in the country and not going out?and also,What happened before,Did no one investigate the Huaguo Daily team??What’s the result?”
Questions about Qin Feng,After thinking about it, the chief executive decided to tell him。
“I hate the development of things。Zhang’s national cadres have already started。If i guess right,The people of the reformers are what they put in。Otherwise, it is difficult to escape the national reporting system。”
“and then?”Qin Feng awaits follow-up。
“But he is just a national cadre,I’m not the owner of the Zhang family!Although it’s a direct member,But sacrifice
Sacrificing him alone does not have much influence on the Zhang family,Not yet at the level of injury!So this time,I don’t think it’s time to start。”
“But i think,You should move now。One hit one,At least let them not dare to do anything wrong!Otherwise, take the exposed state-level official as an example,Once there is any action,The one who executes。There is no such thing as a horror。Because you said it before,Maybe everyone in the Zhang family has problems。Now you should take the evidence and put it in front of the other five family members,To see how they reacted!”
Qin Feng has a different view from the chief executive,It’s all because Qin Feng is just a bystander now。Head of authority,It’s unavoidable to get a little complicated when thinking about the problem。
What Qin Feng said,He also thinks it should be socāo)Make。
At least knocking the mountain and shaking the tiger can still have a certain effect。Now the members of the special forces are sluggish,Some undeveloped appearance。Although he knows that the members of the special forces actually have some children from the five major families.。
But after all, the special forces are bathed in gunfire all day,So the children of the special forces may have actually changed their minds。
of course,Now he can’t find those people to talk to him。Otherwise, the purpose would be too obvious,He is also afraid of those hidden in the five big families“Traitors”Hurriedly jump over the wall。
So follow Qin Feng’s words,Dispose of one of them first!

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