Furuiuchi,The sleeping Monkey Woke up suddenly,After feeling the seal is broken,Yang Tian yelled,Rush out of the ancient well,Fall on the ground,Revealing his true identity,Crazy start to laugh。

“Demon King Monkey King?”
Zhang Xiaofan looked at the little man in front of him,Feeling its third-tier strength,I looked at the other person again and started laughing,Asked faintly。
“who are you?”
The demon king Sun Wukong suddenly heard someone calling himself,Look around,I saw hundreds of figures standing on various magical instruments watching themselves,Headed by a young man who looks only seventeen or eighteen,Can’t feel the strength。
“Dare to speak out in the chat group,Suffer the consequences。”
Zhang Xiaofan holding a sword of death,Wield four sword energy,Directly abolish Sun Wukong’s limbs,Walk in front of Monkey King,Said lightly,Then I took out a Analects translated into characters on the plane of Zhuxian。
“Elder Wan,this is a book,You stay here,I hope when our group returns,This monster can fully recite the contents of this book,By the way, guard this portal。”
Zhang Xiaofan looked at Wan Jianyi,Speak plainly,Although he has already abolished,But for safety,Still keep Wan Jianyi, the top third in Tier 3, to watch this Demon King。
“Yes,Head teacher。”
Although Wan Jianyi regrets that he cannot go to the battlefield,But thinking about teaching monsters to study is also very interesting,Then agreed。
“As long as you live,Regardless of means。”
Zhang Xiaofan glanced at the Demon King,He took everyone to drive the streamer to the world to find the only remaining Tier 4。
Wan Jianyi flipped through the Analects in his hand,Probably read it again,Walking with a long sword until his limbs were abolished,Said in front of the demon king Sun Wukong lying on the ground。
“monkey,Get up and listen to my Analects,You heard the commander just now,Just live,Regardless of means。”
Wan Jianyi said with a smile。

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