Fortunately, Qin Feng has clothes made“rope”It happens to be so long。So he inserts another section into the ground with a flying knife to form a rope-like air“bridge”。

If it is replaced by a soldier-level existence,This is a required course,If you can’t climb, basically you can’t pass the assessment。
“This is for us to climb over?”Jiang Yan’s eyes are full of doubt,of course,She didn’t say anything,Otherwise, it might be hard to hear。
Qin Feng smiled bitterly,“Want to go forward,Seems to be the only way,after all,It is impossible for us to return to the ground from our original position。We can’t fly,That’s not realistic!”
Qin Feng tried his best to explain,But he also understands,Love in this situation,It is basically impossible for the other party to hear what he said。
“I don’t climb anyway!”
Jiang Yan doesn’t know why she has Missy temper at this time,Maybe you really don’t have confidence in yourself,To know,If you can’t climb,There is no protective measure,Once a miss, the final result is to fall,She is different from Qin Feng,If the body is weak, it is basically mortal to fall down here.!
See Jiang Yan’s reaction,Qin Feng is depressed。
But he didn’t force it,Started thinking about other ways,After all, within a short period of time, they are not in danger of any life,Although there is no food,But they only finished the barbecue for a few hours,It’s impossible to be hungry so soon。
“Ok,Then I think about it!”
Qin Feng sat down,Now he can only use his brain as much as possible when there is no way。Instead of choosing to persuade women, it’s better to change to a way they can accept。Because it is an undesirable behavior for men to try to reason with women。
But now Qin Feng has no tools around,It is not easy for him to make special tools to overcome obstacles。
If there is a pulley, you can use the pulley block to directly hang the two women over,But he doesn’t seem to have anything to use except a few throwing knives。
“Ok,So two beauties,Anyway, according to time,It should be late at night,Why don’t you take a break?”Qin Feng suggested。
After all they don’t know how long they will be stuck in this place,It’s the best choice to give them a rest to save energy。

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