The figure is still modern,But it’s a lot richer than before,Soft waist like a willow,Long and curly hair follows herxingThe walking posture is very enchanting,Pink skin just right,Powder is too white,Shi Zhu Ze Tai Chi。

Whole temperament,I also added a gentle and pleasant voice to make the temporary driver drag his luggage,Full of vitality。
While walking,Highlight“Side face kill”Great show perfect jaw line,Wearing a simple khaki shirt,Gauze and diamond ornaments embellish the temperament,With a black leather skirt, step on silver high heels to make your legs look slim and slender,Fancy concave shape style changeable“eye”Skilled,Yu Jie Fan walks up,Attracting pedestrians from miles away can’t help looking back。
Li De came to Xie’s house according to Chen Limu’s instructions to pick Xie Lisu from the dust,I told Li De not to tell Ke Lan,Take Xie Lisu and have a meal with his father。
but,Xie Lisu said that his father went abroad once he returned to China,A tricky thing to deal with。
Nothing,So it’s not bad to have Xie Lisu for dinner。
Chen Limu wants to surprise Ke Lan,Because Chen Limu saw the photo of Xie Lisu and him still in the study of Ke Lan,Still guessing that my son likes her。
Portal equivalent,It would be nice to marry this daughter-in-law,But I don’t understand Xie Lisu’s life。Be polite in conversation,looks good,There is no conclusive evidence in private life,Chen Limu will not arrogantly discuss others,The most important thing is to like your son,She likes。
Chen Limu takes Xie Lisu to Banshan Apartment,When arriving at Mid-Levels Apartment,Came with Chen Limu who greeted her in a European style hug,Count as a meeting ceremony。
Chen Limu greeted her with an elder gesture、Love and care。Xie Lisu asked and answered with joy,Comes with a delicate and sweet mouth,It fits Chen Limu’s intention。
Yang Zi on the side also yelled sweetly:“Sister Lisu!”vp
Xie Lisu didn’t glance at her either。This makes Yang Zi a little careful,Mouth pouted,Very unhappy。
Li De helped to unload Xie Lisu’s bag from the car,Ask where to put your luggage?
Chen Limu turned his eyes to look at Xie Lisu,Said to her kindly:“The room I stayed in last time is reserved for you,Have you ever thought about moving to an apartment in Mid-Levels??”
Xie Li Su Di Yindao:“If Aunt Mu doesn’t dislike,Of course I am willing to come to the apartment to accompany you!”
Li De can hear,Call another family attendant,Move the luggage to Xie Lisu’s room。
Xie Lisu gave Reid a positive look。
Holding Chen Limu’s arm affectionately,Sweetly shouted:“Aunt Mu,Actually,I also know it’s not right to live here,After my daddy finishes his work,,I will move out。”

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