Chapter Three Hundred and Eighty Three Big parent
A group of people are now at the gate of Bailu’s house,Except Xiangyang,Everyone is experienced,How can Bai Lu not see any changes??
Bai Lu’s mother is worried,But looking at the cars Xiangyang they drove,I don’t want to come。
Used to being bullied by this world,Just got used to it,It’s like someone asks how you are,Even if you have just experienced overcoming obstacles,It’s just a faint response,Okay!
Mother Bai Lu looked at her daughter,Feel a little sad,But as the most ordinary civilian,What can I do for my daughter??
Hid his face and cried,It shocked Xiangyang on the side,Raise your hands slightly,Signaled that I did nothing。
&nbs Mo Mo sensibly pulled Xiangyang away,Bai Lu walked to her mother’s side,He gently embraced his mother’s shoulder and said:“Okay mom,Guo Enting has nothing to do with me anymore,I’m doing great now,Will be better in the future!”
When I said I would be better in the future,Bai Lu glanced at Xiang Chen subconsciously,And then the neck is pink again,Imaginative。
“Hello auntie,My name is Xiang Chen。”
Xiang Chen got off the battery car that was dying of life,I introduced myself to Bai Lu’s mother,He almost died by himself。
Yao Yao, the nearest to Xiang Chen, dragged him,Mo Mo also came over quietly to diagnose Xiang Chen’s pulse。
Open your mouth and look at Xiang Chen in surprise,Xiang Chen lightly nodded the back of Mo Mo’s hand,Sign that I’m okay。

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