So the first thing they did after taking the stage,Is to separate the two twin brothers。

So in essence,Their battle is still one-on-one。
Although the other party is very tacit to let someone around,They are always back to back,Leave your most vulnerable side to your partner。
But under the continuous and rapid attack,Any defense without flaws will reveal flaws。
As soon as Dai Tianbao fired his gun,Turn the flame spear into a bow with both hands like pulling a bow,Shoot directly at the opponent。
Just for everyone,When the flame gun went to someone,In fact, they shot in the middle of the two of them。
It’s too late when the other party notices the problem,Originally inconspicuous,Become their biggest failure。
If to defend,Will receive a positive blow from the sky,They may be severely injured and vomit blood in an instant,If you don’t defend,Their figures will separate in an instant,Become a one-on-one battle。
Forced to choose,Two people can only be separated,As for the subsequent battle, it’s easy,There is no cooperation between twin brothers,They are not much different from ordinary third-rank saint martial artists。
Yue’er and Dai Tianbao can solve each other easily。
Both battles ended at an astonishing speed,Start from two to two,Dai Tianbao’s fierce attack to separate twin brothers,The speed in this is still pitiful。
How can the strength of the Zhao family in Bincheng reach this level?,Many people are questioning,Even unimaginable。
Even if the Chen family is not the top talent in their family,But it should not be at this level。
But the fact is,The time of the two matches is also controlled by the time of Liangzhuxiang,usually,I’m afraid I can’t even drink tea at this time。
Today it has already decided the ranking of the North Sea Territory family。

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