“Can’t stand the ethos in state-owned enterprises,Think it out。”Populus ramblings seriously。

“Your parents didn’t say you?”Zhang Yihua asked again。
He knows,That job seems to be arranged by Hu Yang’s family,otherwise,It is impossible for Hu Yang to come to such a good work unit as soon as he graduated。
Hu Yang shrugged,Why didn’t you say?Will be scolded。
The superior of the unit directly called Lao Tzu,Populus was sprayed that day so that he didn’t dare to turn on his phone。
“Scolded,it does not matter!”
Zhang Yihua tuts,I can only envy:Children from wealthy families are willful。His own current job,Monthly salary is only six thousand,Was scolded as a grandson at work,Still go to work honestly,Dare not mention resignation。
“What are your plans?”Zhang Yihua then asked。
To this buddy,Populus does not intend to hide too much,Informed:“You should know that I am a little interested in antiques,Ready to play that line。”
Zhang Yihua was slightly surprised,Play antique?
How much he understands,The antique boom in recent years,The society has set off a craze for collecting,The value of various collectibles has doubled,High profit inside。
but,It is said that the water inside is also very deep,Experts will punch,Take a look,May lose a lot。
In college,Populus is a member of the Antique Association,Specific strength,They don’t know。
“You have so much money?”
Zhang Yihua thinks,If you have funds,It’s better to start a business,Start a small company,Also more face!When others meet,The risk is not as high as playing antiques。
Hu Yang knows what this buddy is worried about,Smiled:“Playing antiques is not as high-end as you think。of course,The rich have their way of playing,Poor people have their way of playing。”

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