“moron!I have defeated you,No need to kill you again!”Lu Menglin saw that this woman still had a big brainless expression,Had to sneer。

Huang Shaotian smiled by him,Blast in my head,Finally pull out the clouds and see the light,Thought of the greatest possibility!
“The King of Yue and the Sixth Prince joined forces!They are dealing with King Ning!”Huang Shaotian blurted out and debuted。
“Not bad!And the two of us,Mostly it was the bait to lure King Ning into action!Is it a surprise?”Lu Menglin smiled bitterly。
Huang Shaotian looks pale,Shook his head repeatedly:“Do not,Will not!Your Royal Highness won’t do this!”
Of course she is flustered,As a seed master under the Royal Palace of Yue,Was given up after losing only once,And it was her family who asked her to come here。
sad、Lost、Sad,Heartache,For a time,Many emotions rushed to my heart,Mixed feelings,Huang Shaotian’s heart is completely messed up。
“Regardless of whether King Yue did this,We all have to protect ourselves,To survive,Do you understand?”Lu Menglin shouted fiercely。
Huang Shaotian pales in color,I was in a panic,I just feel dark,Helpless,I heard this guy’s voice suddenly,Suddenly there is a feeling of finding the backbone。
Like a drowning person,At the time of the disaster,Got a life-saving straw,I would rather die than let it go。
“you,Why are you helping me?”Huang Shaotian tearful eyes whirling,Muttered。
Lu Menglin’s eyes are like moments,Say word by word:“I’m not helping you,I am helping myself!With your help,We have a better chance of breaking。”
“Not to mention,You and I have been in contact with strong humans,Learned human martial arts,and also
Same idea。King Yue and the Sixth Prince can join forces,We can too!”
After listening to Wu Hao,Huang Shaotian’s eyes gradually brightened,His eyes became firmer and firmer。
She was originally the seed master of this generation,Is a genius among geniuses,Determination,That’s why it’s under attack,Recover so quickly。

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