So far,Cessna172Various models of has been sold24000Multiple racks,Average annual sales exceed1000frame,But if this power delta wing works well,Sales can at least triple!

Thinking of such a large market capacity,How could Benjamin not try his best to fight for himself?
He went on to say:“I’m hereFAAHave a few friends,If you want to let this power delta passFAR-23Certification,They can help……”
No problem to help,But don’t miss their benefit,right?
The subtext in Benjamin’s words,Chen Geng understands,Brandon understands too,Brandon has no idea about this,So he opened his mouth to say something,But don’t know what to say,I had to look at Chen Geng for help:I hope Fernandez has a way。
Originally negotiated profit distribution method,Now suddenly there is one more person who wants to divide a piece of meat,Brandon is of course uncomfortable。
Under Brandon’s watch,Chen Geng actually laughed:“in fact,Even if you have not obtained the Federal Aviation AdministrationFAR-23Certification,This thing is also sellable。”
“This is impossible!”Originally determined that Chen Geng and Brandon had only Benjamin bowed to them,I heard Chen Geng’s words,Suddenly can’t calm down:“Any light and very light aircraft for market,Must pass the Federal Aviation Administration’sFAR-23Certification,Otherwise it cannot be sold on the market at all,Who dares to do this,The Federal Aviation Administration will let him know what life is better than death……”
“You’re right,”Chen Geng nodded:“If light and very light civil aircraft are to be sold in the U.S. market,Must pass the Federal Aviation Administration’sFAR-23Certification,But what if we are not selling aircraft?”
First234chapter Business can still play like this?:under
Brandon looked at Chen Geng with surprise:There is such a good thing?
But Benjamin jumped up immediately:“This is impossible……”

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