After all, Level 5 is a watershed,Completely in two different states。

Still like that,The token is in Xia Chenglong’s hands,Then slowly raised his hand:“how about it,Do you want this thing?”
“want,of course yes!”
Merchants never do business at a loss,So many people got in,If you still can’t get it back, it’s too bad。
This is not what he did。
So two people came out slowly from behind each other, Judging from their breath,It should be the level of the seventh stage entering the holy realm。
“You are hurt!”
The other party hit the point in the first sentence。
really,The guys above Rank 5 are different。
Ye Chi is still excited,Because the moment he wants is almost here,Wait for Xia Chenglong to kill these guys,His aura will be fullest,Then it was a duel between them。
“So you can come and fetch!”
Two seventh-ranks entering the sacred realm are not enough to make Xia Chenglong terrified to hand over things,Even if he has to be distracted by the power inside。
“What if we are added!”
One valve,Phantom!
Xia Chenglong turned his head,To be honest, he doesn’t want to play with each other,Because there is no need,So he keeps giving each other a chance。
“30%?”Shangtutu laughed,“You look too high on yourself,In front of five top masters,I am ashamed to say that there is a 30% chance of victory?”
“Do not,Quotient Chart,You got it wrong!”Xia Chenglong shook his head,“I said there is only a 30% chance,You can succeed,If you don’t believe it, try it!”
It was a nonsense,Even if Xia Chenglong is at the peak of the Holy Land,,But what does that matter?
In front of you are two Ninth-Rank entering the Holy Land,Two Seven-Rank Entering the Holy Land,Just pull out one,They are definitely famous people。

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