Two people who were still hesitating,It also made a direct choice。

Mary next door,Such a thing will bring the company into a whirlpool sooner or later。Ouyangyue did not do it this time,That someone else will report it。
No one wants to continue participating in this way。Both of them gave Ouyang Yue an answer soon。
Ouyang Yue is also happy,At least wherever you go, you must have your own talents。
Otherwise,Some things are also uncertain。
But Ouyang Yue also has a big ambition,Is that whether she can seize Yunxiang’s position??
of course,This is also inconvenient for her to tell。at this moment,Some things are different。
Thought of here,Ouyang Yue’s mood is also a bit solemn,Because reality is very complicated。
Just no matter what,She always fights。
at the same time,Qin Fengye
I’m already at Qingshui Village。This time something,Then Cyclonus went back naturally。
But what disappoints Qin Feng,He went back to the village,He discovered a very strange situation,That is some people below me are going to resign,Some things are powerless after all。
Those people also chose money and fame,Even many people are well aware that this is only a temporary means by Qin Feng to hostile the company,But for them,Can go faster,There is nothing wrong with this。
Qin Feng didn’t accuse him anymore,After all, everyone is on a different path。
It’s just that Qin Feng also has a sentence,Don’t expect to enter this company because the descendants of these people。

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