The Capital Automobile Factory, which has tasted the sweetness through this cooperation, is ready to make persistent efforts.、Continue fromAMCIntroduce a variety of models that are popular in the United States,But beforeAMCThe party has been reluctant to give a clear recovery,Just a vague expression“We will seriously consider”,Let the state-owned asset management structure of Shouqi and the capital be too anxious,Chen Geng’s opening this time,Secretary Jiang was overjoyed in an instant:Maybe this is another super hot Wrangler。

This is all money,How could Secretary Jiang not be excited?。
“I……Can I report this news to the leader?”
To endure the excitement in my heart,Secretary Jiang asked Chen Geng,If Chen Geng agrees with Secretary Jiang, report to the city leaders now,So even if this matter is not confirmed,At least it can enter the substantive stage of operation。
“of course。”Chen Geng nodded affirmatively。
He didn’t plan to release the capital city@Committee City@Government pigeon。
Got permission from Chen Geng,Secretary Jiang took a deep breath,Sorry to Chen Geng,And then hurried out:He needs to report this to the leader immediately。
Half an hour!
It only took half an hour,Comrade Jia Yumin, who is in charge of the city’s industrial development in the capital city, has already appeared in front of Chen Geng as the factory director of Shouqi Group Li Changzheng。
1985Capital City of the Year@Government leadership,In such an annual sales may exceed20100 million、Upstream and downstream connections may exceed100In front of a billion super project, I really can’t handle it,So that the moment I saw Chen Geng,Jia Yumin’s waist is bent,Come up,Jia Yumin said:“Mr. Chen,Before coming,Qi@mayor、Secretary Niu repeatedly told me,No matter what your requirements,As long as we can satisfy,Must do everything possible to satisfy,Even if we can’t be satisfied temporarily,I will definitely find ways to satisfy……”
As long as you are willing to put new models into Shouqi,Everything is easy to say。
Chen Geng smiled in his heart,How can Jia Yumin think about it carefully??
But this is where,Chen Geng said with a smile:“Mr. Jia, you are too kind,This time,Actually, you really need your help。”

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