obviously,on《Hero Summon》,All the people present are hearsay,Only oneself is truly experienced,Is the one who is most qualified to speak。

“Zhong Yeo,You should be able to contact that organization, right?What is the task of completing the summon?Isn’t it necessary to exchange something??”Lu Menglin smiled casually。
He said so,The other three were stunned at the same time,Then he showed an unkind smile。
When Zhong Yefu saw the expressions on these people’s faces,Quickly explained:“of course not,Not what you think!I am very complete!The tasks they set out vary from person to person,I got the news from a vein。”
“Vein?”Everyone was surprised at the same time,His eyes suddenly became hot。
To know,The Way of Cultivation of the Powerful of God Nation,Except hunting dark monsters,Beyond acquiring equipment,There is another important part of the usual training resources,Is the light energy crystal mine,They can draw energy from the light-stripe energy crystal mine,Strengthen yourself。
Especially the real super powers in God City,All are the masters of no shortage of energy crystals。
Once the people of the God nation have stepped into the forty level,,Began to need a lot of energy crystals。
Because after level 40,Every level of improvement,Need a lot of energy supplement,And the light energy crystal mine,Is the best practice resource。
Once you reach level forty-two,,The light pattern energy required is extremely large,At this time,Personal practice methods are not so important anymore,There are plenty of energy crystals,Can smoothly break through higher levels,If it’s just for good fortune,Repair for twenty or thirty years,May not be successful。
“you,How can you be so stupid to give the news of the energy crystal to others?”The wooden knife yelled angrily。
Zhong Yefu sneered:“I can’t dig the news of the mine,Selling to others becomes a real benefit,I’m not at a disadvantage。”
The wooden knife angered:“shameless,That’s not the news from you!”
Under such a dispute between the two,Everyone vaguely understood,Maybe this is the reason why the former master and apprentice turned their faces,A large part of it may be because of this vein。
“The vein you are talking about,Still here?”Lu Menglin’s heart moved slightly,Asked with a smile。

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