After Xiang Chen frustrated,Han Zhili’s fighting spirit is no longer as high as before。

Leaning weakly on the back of the chair,When Han Zhili spoke again,,The voice of speaking is also much softer。
“My lover died early,I brought up my girl,I was so big when I first met this little girl。Fall from her to the ground,Till now,My girl is already a big girl!”
Han Zhili stretched out his hand and gestured in front of him,Like Xiang Chen describing how old the Korean Xiang was when he was born,But from the look of Han Zhili,He is more like talking to himself。
“When she was young,I had many expectations of her,It’s okay to hide her boudoir,Dancing like her mother is also good,But never thought,This girl chose the police。”
Xiang Chen didn’t know how to interrupt,I had to learn how Han Zhili was not long ago,Full of self-drinking,Then swallow the spicy。When I first saw Xiangyang,She may be better than the Korean language when she was a child,But also as a father,Xiang Chen suddenly found that he could understand Han Zhili’s inner thoughts。
Although Xiangyang and Han Yuxiang are still different,But it’s like Han Zhili expects Korean Xiang,In the process of growing up,Xiang Chen also had many different expectations for her at different time points.。For example, Xiang Chen believes that Xiangyang’s future boyfriend must be a dragon and a phoenix,But now it seems,Xiangyang, who has been raising himself for more than ten years, is probably going to be taken over by that bastard Lingyun!
Like all fathers in the world,Or just like most parents in the world,Looking for a child to become a dragon all the time,But not many real dreams come true。
“Many times,When parents always want their children to become eagles soaring in the sky,So I kept pressing my expectations on the backs of my children,But this is how you plan your children,Will the children really be happy??”
Xiang Chen squinted,Look at Han Zhili,Opposite him is a contemporary great scholar,For children’s education,I should be able to give myself some guiding opinions。
Han Zhili was stunned,I never thought of Xiang Chen who looked rough,Would ask such a question。Smiled,When Han Zhili wanted to answer Xiang Chen,But suddenly found,Regarding this question from Xiang Chen,He doesn’t know where to start。
Xiang Chen poured himself wine again,I didn’t forget the empty cup of Han Zhili,Smoothly fill the cup in front of Han Zhili。
Since Han Zhili can’t give herself an answer,Then Xiang Chen tried to explain to himself。
“I think they are unhappy,The parents are not working,Why do children do better?This is an unreasonable thing,So many times of disappointment,Actually, I’m asking for trouble。”
Talking,Drinking,Maybe the wine is slightly spicy,Xiang Chen cleaned up some leftover meals again,Then continue to speak。
“So Principal Han,Do you really know your daughter?Or how long have you not sat down and talked?Do you think i am right?”

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