A group of people finished eating lively,Chen Wenjin and Abao drove twice,Send people to Wang Shuai’s holiday villa。

Wang Shuai said it was his uncle’s,Actually Chen Wenjin knew that it was not。
This villa is still working in the future。
Wang Shuai doesn’t come with his father much,Mainly to receive relatives and friends。
But the future Wang Shuai said,When he was a boy, he often brought friends here to play。
There is a small ballroom in the villa,And a small theater,Cigar Room,Mahjong chess room,snooker room。
Abao took the initiative to invite Mu to play pool,Little fish watching,She clapped her hands when she scored。
The small theater is full,Several cigarettes,Chen Wenjin didn’t go in。
Wang Shuai called him to play mahjong,He is too lazy to play,Chess in the chess room、Everyone on the Go board is used to play poker。
The door of the cigar room is locked,Some cigars stored in it are not only expensive,Quantity is still small,It was used by Wang Shuai’s father to entertain important friends,If Wang Shuai can’t be there to watch,I dare not let a group of teenagers in chaos。
As for the place where the wine is stored,Wang Shuai doesn’t mention it at all。
Nothing fun,Chen Wenjin changed clothes,Went out for a walk in the rain。
I didn’t expect that he just went out,I saw Amei and Xiao Xiao standing outside the door chatting。
“Why isn’t it inside?”
“Smoking everywhere,choke,Can’t sleep so early。”Xiao Xiao was helpless,The smell of smoke is indeed something that many women hate。

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