Underground underground,A deep hoarse**,Is the endless black air,Like the black sea with no end in sight,The original silence broke out in an instant。
The dark is very smart,He was sealed for thousands of years,This is the only chance to breathe fresh air again,So even at the moment of midnight, I still behaved well.。
I finally don’t need to endure this moment,Because it feels that it is getting stronger,Or the power to suppress him is weakening。
Haven’t wiped him out for thousands of years,This is God’s will,So today’s break free will be a matter of course。
Good one because so,What a heyday。
“not good,He is breaking free!”
This is something that can be calculated,The Shenlong Mountain Range, which suppresses the opponent, uses most of its power to evolve the dragon species.,So the power of the seal is really weak。
Their location is the most central place,The pressure I feel is naturally the strongest。
Xia Chenglong’s golden eyes flashed,Dense dragon scales appeared directly all over the body,This is the body’s own response under strong pressure,A point he has never reached。
Even so,He can only do it,Barely run the five elements,Too powerful。
“Yin and yang,Dream in my body,Tai Chi Sheng Wuji,Reincarnation……”
“Dream Promise”Forced operation at this moment,Xia Chenglong changed hands to China, France and India,A roulette appeared under him,Restore a hint of brilliance to the golden light underground。
Several other patrons barely sat up after gradually adapting to the pressure at the moment,Follow Xia Chenglong’s French seal just now,One by one magic circle goes underground,Maintaining this seal on the brink of collapse。
The connection between the moon and the dragon species is still,Everything seems to be maintained in a balance,But this kind of balance broke shortly after the magic circle appeared under them,Like paper,Easily cracked。
“You are too weak,Resist,Be my slave,This is the best attribution。”The black demon’s deep voice sounded,He is laughing。
“Thousands of years ago you ended in failure,It will be the same today,This is the law。”The old man is not afraid at all。
He represents the hidden power in the world that even Xia Chenglong can’t reach,So what I said is very important。
As early as the first meeting,Xia Chenglong already felt the other side’s extraordinary,Just at the moment,Behaviour between flipping hands,Completely broke his concerns。

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