“Wow,If it is true,The director is really too much,Bullying brother is a newcomer。”

“Ha ha,What are the virtues of the program group,Everyone did not forget,In the second season, Mrs. Huang was miserable by the show group。”
“Distressed Brother Su,Crusade program group,Must give a reasonable explanation。”
“Uh……,I want to say that everyone forgot about the morning?”
And Wang Yuzheng saw the barrage in the live broadcast room,Almost vomiting blood。
Some people say that Su Luo is simple and kind,Said he deliberately bullied the newcomer。
Wang Yuzheng feels that he is too frustrated as a director,Resist the urge to spurt,Black face:“Speak,How do you want me to compensate?”
Su Luo said with a smile:“after all,Everyone needs to be together,Recorded for more than three months,See you when you look up,Bad hurt feelings,Give me fifty catties of pork,Fifty catties beef,A hundred fish……”
Su Luo Lion opened his mouth,Just finished,I saw the director shouting excitedly:“impossible。”
Huang Lei and Teacher He were also stunned by Su Luo’s asking price,This is a cruel man。
The assistant director rigorously rounds the scene:“How about this,Our program group,To save your rent this season,I’ll give you another ten catties of pork and beef,fish,There is a fish pond outside,Funding for this season,Rise to three hundred,What do you think?”
Su Luo also knew that this was the biggest concession made by the show crew,If you know how to see well, just accept,Hear words,Readily agreed。

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