Zhu Ruzhi walked to Xiang Chen and Zhu Guosheng’s side,With a smile on his face,But since he appeared,Even if you know that this old man is not a threat to you,Xiang Chen and the others are all ready……

Chapter Three Sixty Five undercurrent2
Zhu Ruzhi stood between Xiang Chen and Zhu Guosheng,Said something like a smile,Everyone around became nervous unconsciously。
Xiang Chen looked at the old man next to him,The old and the young laughed together。
“Father, this is guilty,So guilty??”Xiang Chen watched Zhu Ruzhi ask word by word。
Zhu Guosheng tilted his head and looked at Xiang Chen,Said nothing,It seems to say everything。
But Zhu Ruzhi smiled nonchalantly,Said:“People’s life,If you don’t do one or two bad things,Isn’t that an unsound life?Like a full moon,Always have some shortcomings to look perfect。”
After listening to Zhu Ruzhi,Xiang Chen just killed a glass of wine,Respect this perfect reason。
“Mr. Xiang is not making trouble,Should be someone else!”Zhu Guoquan joined Zhu Ruzhi’s side,Whispered softly。
I heard my son’s report,Zhu Ruzhi frowned,He quickly returned to his normal look。
“Mr. Xiang’s daughter and Yaoyao are sisters,What’s the emergency,They will help us。”
Zhu Guosheng said something to his second brother,Without Xiang Chen’s consent,I just mentioned Xiangchen and accepted it。
“Your man,Are they so stinky and shameless??”Xiang Chen frowned and asked,Obviously forced moral kidnapping,Make Xiang Chen not particularly at ease。
The three fathers and sons who were ridiculed by Xiang Chen’s name and surname all had their faces full of carelessness,This makes Xiang Chen a little bit feel like he hit the cotton with a punch。
“Three,Are you sure that I’m the only one who is the one who will cause trouble today?”
Smacked,It may be that the glass of wine was drunk too fast and didn’t taste the taste,The second cup of self-drinking,Xiang Chen drank extra meticulously,And what he said,It’s also like the degree of this liquor,After listening,Let Zhu Ruzhi’s three brains feel like heat waves surging。
Zhu Guoquan looked at Xiang Chen,Suddenly I found myself ignoring an important issue。

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