I’m worried about hammering me,What to worry about is how you are,Just for you,Let my wife know,You Lieyang Star will probably destroy another half。

“Hee hee。”at this time,Yan couldn’t help but laugh out loud。
The little girl in front of Lieyang Star,It’s so funny,Actually said she would meet Queen Keisha in person,Let her divorce King Tianzhu。
“Why are you laughing?”Saw Yan smiled,Lena raised eyebrows,Unhappy way。
“It’s nothing,It’s nothing。”Yan shook his head quickly,In fact, my stomach is almost aching。
“Humph!”See this haughty angel,Didn’t actually refute her,Lena gave a cold snort when she was a little surprised。
“I go first。”Yan Shi couldn’t stand the confidence of this little Lieyang star girl,Say something with Wu Xing,Left the room。
She is afraid to stay,It doesn’t matter if you die,I’m afraid it will damage my image in front of King Tianzhu。
And watching Yan’s meaningful eyes when he left,Wu Xing can’t wait to throw Lena this female nerve into the Heavenly Dao Pagoda, reflect and reflect。
What is this called,I ran back,You scam me。
Wu Xing wants to cry without tears,This durian seems to come from kneeling!
Keisha:Am i so fierce?Up to a hundred years of abstinence!
Wu Xing:……Then I might as well die。

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