“Nothing special,Are antique markets,Almost the same。Actually betting on treasure chest,Not every day,It shouldn’t be a feature of this market, right??You have to ask fun,The first two years,Bet on wood,Also betting on shellfish,Gambling Box,Only developed later。”Ge Pingping told Hu Yang and others。

“Bet on wood?Betting on shellfish?”
It’s the first time Huazi listened,pretty shocked,So many antique markets,I don’t seem to have seen it before?
Populus gambling against wood、Betting。
“Ok!Bet on wood,Just bet on agarwood、Huanghuali etc.。You also know,Piece of wood,On the surface,Sometimes you can’t see the quality,I don’t know if the middle is hollow, etc.。
At this moment,Take out a piece of yellow rosewood,Start betting,Your highest bid,Is yours。After sawing,If the quality is good,Maybe you can make a fortune。”Ge Pingping explained。
“Betting on shellfish?”
Hu Yang smiled:“Betting on shellfish is actually betting on pearls。Take out a shell,You don’t know if there are pearls in it,What is the quality of the pearl,You bid high,Shell for you,If there are good pearls,Maybe you can make a fortune。”
Ge Jing nodded quickly:“That’s it,That’s it。Betting on shellfish was popular for a while,It was already bad。”
Tut!Zhang Qingliang and others secretly:Still you guys can play。
The audience in the live broadcast room also talked:You people in the city can play。
Someone can’t help but roll their eyes,Dao:Please!Bet on wood,It seems that you rural people started playing first,People in the city don’t carry this pot。Some places like Hainan,Bet on wood,Also known as“Open wood”。
“Have long experience,Encountered later,Really want to play。”Hua Zai joked。

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