“Not urgent,Going from here is not the best choice,We enter from the main entrance!”The Grand Elder stopped everyone,Speak without rush。

Since I said so,Then it depends on whether his butcher’s powerhouse is better or the outsiders are better.。
So Elder Tu Jia didn’t worry,Give the Tu family disciples some time,I hope they can wipe out the roots when they meet the guys outside。
Main entrance?
The old man Ma and the others showed curious eyes,It seems that things are much more fun than expected,This time thanks to Xia Chenglong,So that they can see the last secret of this Tujia。
I saw the elder look at the cliff,At this moment, everyone also found the difference。
It shook so strongly just now,The boulder rolled down so intensely,It stands to reason that this cliff also cracked or something,But at first glance it doesn’t seem to make a difference。
Those two lines seem to have some special power,Can actually suppress the whole thousand。
No way,The cliff in front of you is the door to the underground?
“Yes,This is indeed the entrance to my Tujia ancestral grave,It needs a special technique to open it。”
Elder Tu Jia finished,Show up aura with several other elders,The majestic aura moves towards the words on the cliff in an instant。
The words began to emit a dazzling light after absorbing the special power of the seal,Then the text started to move,Turned into a circle and appeared on the cliff,Looks amazing。
This kind of sealing method passed down from ancient times is rare.,At least there is no branch of the Warrior Association。
“Everybody,please!”Elder Tu Jia made an invitation gesture,Said impatiently。
“Elder Tu is polite,We are guests,If you are the Lord, you will naturally lead the way!”
“Humph,I’ll go,But be careful after entering,Deep palace,Dark light,Please be careful!”

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