Xiao Fan stepped forward,Pulled a man’s collar,Turn him around,A punch to the face,Even though he doesn’t hit the face,But Xiao Fan has a bad temper,Anxious to solve things。

The man was punched and stopped tremblingly,Xiao Fan is kicking again,That person has escaped,Body shakes slightly。
Xiao Fan hit the man’s abdomen with a palm,The man flew directly five meters away。
Old Fan couldn’t help but smack,Open road:“You are done,Our little wolfdog is angry,It seems I can go to rest。”
Shen Lin also stopped,I want to watch the boss fight,After all, such opportunities are rare,Must cherish。
Xiao Fan punched the few people in front of him,All exerted all their strength,Those people suddenly fell on the ground。
Shen Lin couldn’t help but marvel,It turns out that the boss fights like this,Banter,It’s really different。
Fan Lao is also watching,Every time Xiao Fan gets impatient,Just hit people out of nowhere,But deadly。
Xiao Fan raised his leg and swept across the opponent directly,Too fast,Those people have no time to hide,Can only take one foot,The consequence of taking a foot is to fall directly to the ground。
Looking at the mess on the ground,A wailing,Were all beaten down,And this whole process,Less than five minutes。
Xiao Fan stood up straight,Clapped hands,Then I started to tidy up the clothes,Still the famous saying,Fight,Keep your image。
Shen Lin almost applauded,Looking at Xiao Fan with admiration,Big guy is big guy,There is so much attention to fighting。
Old Fan rolled his eyes in disgust,Then he said:“Eh,Small dogs,Are you enjoying the game??”
Xiao Fan didn’t look up at Fan Lao,Directly speak back to:“Small dogs?Does your old man want to taste the shadowless feet or whirlwind legs?,Squeak,Let me learn martial arts with you。”
Old Fan’s face is green,If it wasn’t for the fact that he helped me so much this time,Must add some laxatives to his meals。
“Fan Lao has been around for so many years,Do you still want naive methods like laxatives?,Really funny,Hahahahaha。”Xiao Fan looked at Fan Lao jokingly and said。

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