Milky,Is this broken place rare for me??

Old lady at home,Except for the old man, that is absolute authority,I rubbed several daughter-in-laws one after another,I didn’t expect the all-unfavorable means to fail on her。
The old lady was shocked for a while,Pointed at her in shock:“you,Do you dare to use a knife with my old lady?”
Soft afraid of hard,Hard fear of death。
Tao Zhen said coldly:“You forced me。”
“you,You are not afraid of bad reputation?”Old lady in a hurry。
She sneered:“I still have a reputation?I’m afraid of not being notorious?I put my words here today,I’ve long lived enough,If I can drag my back, I can make a profit,If anyone wants to try, just let them go,See if I am afraid?”
The old lady immediately persuaded the words,She murmured as she twisted her body to enter the house:“Who made you steal your mouth?Otherwise I can’t beat you。”
“I just want to see if there is hot water,Who stole the mouth?You can’t justify the beating without asking the three seven twenty one?”She’s not forgiving,This is her first battle into the Yang family,She herself didn’t expect to come so soon!
The old lady is dubious,But she was a little bit daunted by Tao Zhenzhen’s kitchen knife,She mumbled:“Who knows what you said is true or false?Anyway, don’t touch that pot anyway。”She pointed to the other party and said something,“and also,Whose wife uses hot water to wash clothes?You don’t need firewood to boil hot water?Think you are the eldest lady of the landlord’s wealthy family?”
The old lady didn’t look at her,Turned around and entered the east house,The door slammed shut,The room suddenly fell silent,She had a straight back just now,Suddenly I feel a bit soft in my legs,She helped the wall,Sit on a small wooden stool,Looking down at the half basin of water in a daze。
My eyes are red unknowingly,But she did not shed a tear。
Mom and Dad are away,What can she do even if she cries?No one will feel bad。
After calm down,She took the washboard next to her stubbornly and put it in the basin,Ya ya ya ya wash the clothes。
Nothing great,She didn’t believe she would live like this forever?To know,One more year,Reopened the college entrance examination……
Just straighten up after washing clothes,I pounded my tired waist,Zhu Yuxia is out,“You can really dawdle,It took half the afternoon to wash these few clothes,okay,Put it on,Mom will dry it in a while,You go out with me to do other work。”
This time is really accurate!I don’t know if she has been surreptitiously observing her in the house!
“What else to do?It’s getting dark outside。”She just finished fighting with the old lady,Like a hedgehog covered with prickles,It’s completely different from the previous look of being dull and submissive。

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