Chen Wenjin said:“Maybe because of Abao。Maybe because you are so beautiful,They look at you are looking at the cash cow!”

“I just found out that Huang Jin’s mouth is so sweet……”Amei, don’t look at Xiao Xiao deeply,I didn’t say the meaning of the second half of the sentence,But everyone understands。
Chen Wenjin hasn’t picked up yet,Phone rang,It’s Abao。
“The car will be modified tonight, right?,This plan can’t be changed!”
“No hurries?Forget it tonight。There are a lot of Xiao Wang and his group in Qinghe,The police will definitely go over and find someone。”Chen Wenjin finished,The Leopard on the phone said:“I’m going to the rental house,are you going?”
“I won’t go,After sending Xiao Xiao and Amei,I’m home too。”Chen Wenjin estimates that Wang Shuai has some days to live in peace。
“OK then。”Abao hung up the phone,After driving downhill,Going in a different direction from Chen Wenjinfen。
“gold,Please take me home first,I’m in a hurry。”May said,Look at Xiao Xiao,It means:‘Friends enough!’
Xiao Xiao shook his head,Did not speak。
May thinks she is too funny。
Send Ami first,It’s a detour。
“Your home is very close to Pengzhong。”Chen Wenjin looked at the tall buildings on the roadside,Ami said with a smile:“For the convenience of reading。They have no time to care about me,I’m afraid I’m too far to go to school,That’s it。thank you。”
“You’re welcome。”Chen Wenjin drove away。
Xiao Xiao suddenly said on the way:“I feel that I have experienced a lot of things recently……”
“Yes,It’s been quite eventful recently。”Chen Wenjin estimates that Xiao Xiao has a new understanding and idea of the night world。
“I used to think that my parents always care about the situation of all my friends,Seems to treat everyone as bad,Now suddenly found,May be protected by them in the past,So I don’t know there are many bad guys in the world。I think,Many of their practices don’t seem so annoying anymore。”Although Xiao Xiao never lost his temper before,But every time my parents check the accounts of her classmates and friends,,She also coped patiently,Of course I feel bored。
“The boredom of checking household registration,Generally have。This is a conflict of positions,It’s normal to be a little bored。”Chen Wenjin saw Xiao Xiao couldn’t help laughing,Probably remembering the scenes of being questioned in the past。
just,Not long,Xiao Xiao’s smile gathered up again,Said something softly:“Won’t be anymore。Dad has no time to care about me,I couldn’t be patient when mom asked,She didn’t dare to ask。”
Chen Wenjin is really curious,What would Xiao Xiao feel about her mother??But this involves the privacy of others,Not proactive,Just drive silently。
“I told myself these unhappy things,Is it not so good??Will it annoy you?”Xiao Xiao asked this seriously,Chen Wenjin said:“will not。between friends,It’s normal to listen to each other’s thoughts and worries。”

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