“I have long known that those human gods are unreliable!”Sin Priest Dabra smiled bitterly。

Long Zhanye snorted coldly,Shen Sheng:“Dare to betray us!Pack her when I go back!”
“I have to go back and talk about it!”The sin priest sneered。
No planA,There are plansB,This is why Lu Menglin will bring a few of them。
“Put up the altar of light!”Lu Menglin ordered。
In fact, he was not sure in his heart,Just want to try my best,To know,Build an altar of light beside the evil god of Gupan,Absolutely risky,The power of light pattern of the bright dragon god,It’s one of the most annoying things about the dark race ancient pan evil god,What they do,It’s hard to say it’s the power of summoning light,Or directly stimulate the ancient pan evil god。
This is obviously a double-edged sword,It’s a pity that Lu Menglin and the others don’t have many choices!
Soon,Everyone hurriedly built a simple altar of light by the lake.。
Sin priest Dabra looked at Wu Hao,Shen Sheng:“Lord Wuhao,Later, I will release the power of faith in my body with all my strength,If my strength is not enough to break through the space,Hope you can help me。”
When he wants to come,Lord Wuhao is the favor of Dragon God,The power of light in the body must far exceed one’s own,So he is not worried about not being able to activate this altar of light。
Once the Altar of Light is activated,The power of the bright dragon god will break through the space and arrive,Operate the sacrifice ceremony on its own,No need to worry then。
“Dragon Battlefield,Tu Shanming,You two are responsible for clearing the venue,During our spellcasting,Don’t allow anything near!”Sin Priest Dabra said。
“Zhou Shen,Usheng,You two go to the hillside to guard,If an enemy comes,Alert immediately!Once the power of light is released,May attract the dark race。Everyone be careful。”The sin priest Dabra said worriedly。
Everyone nodded,Scattered around,Perform their duties。
“Lord Wuhao,If during the sacrifice,What happened,Please leave it alone,Your top priority,Is to ensure that the altar works normally,Before the power of the bright dragon god arrives,The power of brilliance can never stop。”The sin priest Dabra said seriously。
Lu Menglin nodded,Express agreement。
The sin priest Dabra walked to the altar of light,Have words in your mouth,The whole body began to release the power of light,Dip into the altar little by little。
With the release of the power of light,The altar of light began to glow slightly,As if one came alive,Full of vitality。

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