He came to say hello to Ah Zhong,Although you can directly connect with Ah Zong through mental power,But Lu Menglin still wanted to see it in person again。

The giant cocoon is still standing like yesterday,Doesn’t seem to have changed at all。
Lu Menglin used his spiritual power to spread the voice:“We are ready to leave,Go to the nearest gathering point,You stay here for now,I will bring food back to find you。”
“Ok!thank you boss,I will take care of myself。”The voice of A Zhong directly passed into Lu Menglin’s mind。
The giant cocoon also trembled slightly,Like saying hello to the boss,Very humane behavior。
Lu Menglin smiled slightly,Loud voice:“You ate last night?”
“Yes!I need food!The clone I sent,Have controlled those dark poisonous bees in the desert,And also with the power of the poisonous bee,Wiped out a human armed force on this plane。”Ah Zhong’s mental power gave a wave,TRANSSION。
Lu Menglin was slightly startled,He knows that the king of destruction is not easy,But I didn’t expect it to be overnight,Did so many things silently。
The dark poisonous bees in the desert,Huge number,Even I feel a headache,Unwilling to confront,Unexpectedly, Ah Zong only sent a clone over,Cleaned up all the poisonous bees,Also borrowed a knife to kill,Use a swarm of poisonous bees to defeat Yee Korea。
“What are your plans next?”Lu Menglin thought for a while,Asked。
A kind of spirit waved:“boss,There is not enough food around here,I will catch up with you after the meal,Fight with you,To get more food。You can say to your companions,I am your summoned creature。”
Lu Menglin nodded,Since Ah Zong has already arranged,He has no opinion。
and,do not know why,Lu Menglin always felt a little worried about this King of Destruction Seed,Dare not leave it here alone,It’s best to take it around。
“OK then!We’ll leave soon,You can catch up。and also,When you show up,It’s best not to look too scary,This will also facilitate future integration into the team。”Lu Menglin ordered。
“Ok,boss!Thank you for your kindness!”After Ah Zhong finished,The spirit will no longer fluctuate,Seems to be sleeping again。

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