“I am eagle,Welcome。”

“And I,And I,I am a grasshopper,Ferryn, you are finally back,Come in my arms,I think we should embrace each other passionately for five minutes。”Eagle just finished,The grasshopper burned his ass and quickly introduced himself。
I’m afraid I’ll introduce myself late,Film will leave,And spread his arms while talking,Hold the film in his arms。
“Thank you,thank you all。”Film pushed away the grasshopper very hard,And said with a smile。
“Grasshopper,Why are you so shameless,Why are you holding film?”Xiao Wu made a despising gesture at the grasshopper。
“I am passionate,Which looks like you,Polite。”The grasshopper responded to Xiao Wu with the same gesture。
“I am polite?Why am I so polite?Tell me。”Xiao Wu said unconvinced。
“You still touched the film hand,Then you still pretend to be upright,I don’t know you yet。”The grasshopper does not give in,Continue to attack Xiao Wu with words。
“enough,You two。”Qin Feng frowned and said。
as expected,There are still some films that don’t know the status,After hearing Qin Feng’s words,Watching two people,Already standing there honestly,No one is fighting back。
“It’s been a long time since we went on a mission together,What time is it now,You forgot?”Qin Feng said coldly。
“No。”Xiaowu and grasshopper plus eagle and leopard,And immediately entered the combat state。
And the film still there,Also joined the team。

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