Everyone promised,Morale is like a rainbow。

but,Lu Menglin smiled,Then shook his head。
“I think there is another way。”Lu Menglin smiled slightly,Tao。
When everyone heard this,All showed a surprised expression。
To know,Yusheng is an expert in field survival,Have been to four different planes,His experience in the plane is rich,No one can match,Even he only thought of one way,Could Lord Wuhao be able to break new ground??
Gao Dajin tilted his head and thought about it,Wryly smiled:“Lord Wuhao,The information I gave you is superficial,A lot of things can’t be real,You can’t believe it all!At this time the coach made the wrong decision,That would be fatal。”
Lu Menglin shook his head,Smiled:“Of course I understand the truth that a book is not as good as no book。This method is actually very simple,You can understand,Mainly have to fall on the body that strictly guards the copper。”
When everyone heard this,All stunned,The defensive master strictly guards the copper, but the second monk is confused。
“Master Yan,What do you think of the attack power of the magic dragon just now?”Lu Menglin asked casually。
Yan Shou Tong thought about it seriously,Replied:“Very strong!If I defend myself,I can do it two or three times!”
Everyone heard this answer,All a little discouraged。
Strictly guarding copper is the most perverted defense among the people,Even he can only hold two or three dragon flame attacks,Then other people will be killed in seconds。
“What about group defense?”Lu Menglin asked again。
Strictly Shou Tong frowned,Think and think very seriously,Just said:“Four or five times,Can’t be more!”
“but,So many of us,Even if you hold it five times,And at least half of them can’t rush through。”Strictly Shou Tong is afraid that Master Wu Hao will not understand the stakes,Said quickly。
“It’s enough to carry it four times!do not forget,And me!If I also enter your team defense,At least I can carry it more?”Lu Menglin said with a smile。
Yan Shoutong looked at Master Wuhao,Think of his peerless power of opening the sky that day,Nodded vigorously。
“Let’s go!We will pass now!Just do as just said!Everyone,Rush past with team defense!”Lu Menglin waved his arms,High voice。

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