Can be related to the meal of hundreds of people in the repair shop,Even more embarrassing,Chen Hongjun had to bite the bullet and say:“Uh……This one,Our unit is called the Third Ordnance Repair Factory of East China Military Region……”

“Ok……”Chen Geng nodded,I don’t seem to realize what’s wrong with this answer:“and then……”
and then?
Chen Geng’s words made Chen Hongjun a little confused:I’m so clear,We are an army maintenance company,Not a manufacturing company,Can’t you tell?
It seems……Chen Geng really didn’t hear it,The blankness on his face cannot be faked。
I have long heard that Americans have a straight bowel,I don’t understand our Huaxia’s twists and turns,It looks like this now。
For this reason,Yuan Jia couldn’t help it anymore。
Originally, she didn’t agree with this fool’s plan to know that he was pitting her nephew,At this moment, I saw Chen Geng looking blankly waiting for his man to continue talking,She stood up suddenly,Said loudly to Chen Geng:“Chen Geng,I’ll speak directly for them,Their unit is actually an equipment maintenance unit owned by the army,I can only repair the car or something,Does not have any production capacity,Their purpose,I just hope you can produce production equipment、Give them a product、Provide technical guidance to teach them how to produce this thing……Just like the baby in the foster month,Now you understand?”
Chen Geng was very cooperative and looked at Chen Hongjun in surprise,Although he didn’t speak,But the surprised expression says it all:uncle,What my aunt said is true?You really planned that?
What else can Chen Hongjun say?,His face is like a crab just out of the pot,While it’s red, it’s still steaming hot:This thing is not very authentic,Is this just about wanting my nephew to support his unit?……The idea is okay,but,Why is his nephew??
Watching Chen Hongjun’s reaction,Chen Geng suddenly“Suddenly”,He frowned,Did not look at Chen Hongjun,Instead, he looked directly at Peng Guangming and Liu Qianjin,Asked:“So like my aunt said,What you mean is that you want me to provide products to your organization、Provide production equipment、Provide technical guidance、At the same time provide product sales?”
Although Chen Geng did not directly“You guys are kidding me?”Say this sentence,But no one is a fool,Everyone understands what Chen Geng meant,You have no previous experience in machining,No product,No production capacity,Now point to me and take you like a baby……
Just by your big face?!

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