Patriarch Tu is here,Two masters who asked the gods appeared at the same time,This kind of scene is really rare。

Then Zong Xueqin appeared,Three questioning gods appear at the same time,Has exceeded the cognition of ordinary people。
These monster masters who live in seclusion and practice。Got involved because of a man,Who can do this。
“Shura City,Since it hasn’t come out in five or six years,Why bother to wade in muddy water。”
“Some guys are deceiving too much,This old man naturally has to take care of it,not to mention……The friend of my city lord is in trouble,How can i turn a blind eye?”
Xia Chenglong is the most mysterious city lord of Shura in the five cities。Isn’t he a small city in the remote North Sea?,Why did you suddenly become the Lord of Shura City??
Those in doubt belong to the bottom,Because they didn’t know that the man in front of them had another title,“Dragon King, one of the six thrones of the army!”
So there is nothing new about the city lord of Qi Shura!
“You are going to be my enemy of Lingxiao City?”
“It depends on the meaning of the city lord!”
Every word of Mr. Lu swore the status of Xia Chenglong,This is absolute domain awareness,Shows his attitude at the moment。
Patriarch Tu looked at Xia Chenglong,Know that this young man has absolute right to speak。
“Give me five spirit beads,I can allow you to take people away!”

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