really,After the captain used martial arts,The Flame Lion Roars Angry,A pillar of fire came out directly from the mouth and went towards the guy。

for sure,The power of this pillar of fire completely exceeds the power of the captain’s martial arts,Maybe this one will keep that guy here forever。
The captain did not expect,This guy is so powerful,But it’s over,He has no chance to escape,Can only bite the bullet。
A huge fire and smoke are produced between a lion and a person,The surrounding partners unconsciously raise their arms to cover their eyes。
Wait for the explosion to end,Everyone looked at the captain for the first time,See that the other person is still there,And not affected。
He blocked?
“Captain Cowhide!”
“team leader,You are amazing!”
The captain is not as happy as the other partners,Because he knew that he could never block the attack just now so easily。
“That is……”
The captain’s eyes narrowed,Staring at the place covered by smoke,Because there are people there。

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