“Ha ha……”

Although I know Karen·Carpenter’s action is purely uncontrollable,But being beautiful“Sneak attack”Feels good,Chen Geng touched by Karen·Carpenter’s kissed cheek,In a good mood,Especially when he knows Karen·Carpenter was still a devout Catholic。
Ok,Catholicism, which developed from Christianity, strongly disagrees with premarital sex@behavior,And treat it as a serious crime,Premarital sex in the eyes of Catholics@Behavior is a violation of the Ten Commandments,If you had sex before marriage and did not confess to the priest before you died、Ask the Lord’s forgiveness,You can only go to hell after death,Can’t return to the Lord’s embrace——At this point,Is it very similar to us in this era??——Here with****、Sex@Open American society,Catholics are simply the clear stream in the clear stream,And for a Chinese man,To be kissed by such a chaste beauty,Must be in a good mood。
At the very least,Than by a car“bus”Have a good kiss。
“Actor aspect,Do you have a suitable person to recommend?”Men are so unpromising,Being“Sneak attack”After a while,Chen Geng consulted Karen·Carpenter’s opinion。
“What do you think of bruce?”I know that Chen Geng seems to appreciate classmate Xiaobu,Have been promoting him,Karen·Carpenter first talked about him。
Chen Geng shook his head:“Bruce is not suitable for this role,He is not cold enough。”
Karen·Carbon characteristics nod,She actually thinks Xiaobu is not very suitable:“that……OJ·Simpson?”
“He is so handsome,”Chen Geng shook his head again:“Do you think that such a handsome person will play a cold robot killer from the future,Does it fit?”
“Is not suitable,”Karen·Carpenter thought for a while,nod:“that……Do you have a suitable candidate?”
“What do you think of arnold·How about Schwarzenegger?”
“Arnold·Schwarzenegger?Who is this guy?”Karen·Carpenter looked confused:Hollywood’s nameable star,Whether you know it or not,At least I have heard of their names,But this one is called Arnold·Where did the Schwarzenegger guy come from??
Karen·Carpenter didn’t know that the governor’s name did not surprise Chen Geng,But what Chen Geng didn’t expect was Richard·Carpenter knew,He interrupted:“That guy,I know。”
“you know?”Karen·Carpenter was surprised。
“Ok,That guy is a bodybuilder,Seems to be quite famous in the bodybuilding industry,I also published books to teach people how to exercise,”Richard·Carpenter says:“He has also mixed in Hollywood over the years,Want to be a big star,But it hasn’t become popular,Can only play some very small roles。”
“Mr. Schwarzenegger is not very famous in the bodybuilding industry,But very, very famous,”Chen Geng smiled:“Just this year,He got it‘Mr. Olympia’Title,This is already Arnold·Mr. Schwarzenegger boarded for the seventh time‘Mr. Olympia’The throne……”
See Karen·Carpenter is still a bit confused,Chen Geng explained:“Oh,‘Mr. Olympia’Is the highest honor in the global bodybuilding industry,All those who are engaged in bodybuilding get‘Mr. Olympia’Proud,It’s like Hollywood stars are proud of winning Oscars。”

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