Shan You suddenly appeared in panic along the way,Shan You also all hands up and down,Directly overturned the crowd blocking their way。

“First find a way to send the news to Long Qi,Later, I went to support Shan You and the youngest!”
Long Wu also made a decisive decision,Maybe someone will sacrifice,But the news that Long Shi gave his life back could not just stop at himself。
Long Liu did not argue,Shan You has created opportunities for both of them,If you can’t pass the information that Long Shi passed back,Then it really disappointed the two people’s wishes。
Shan did not know the choice of Long Wu and Long Liu,Besides, how to choose,In Shan You’s opinion, that’s their business,My purpose is simple,Even if the mission fails,It is impossible to leave Long Eleven women to attract firepower for themselves。If you can’t go home together,Then stay together。
“Anyway, I’ve always been alone,Also pretty good!”
Reached out and pushed down a miscellaneous soldier in front of him,I can’t help but mutter to myself。
The meniscus blade guarding the arm is dripping with blood,Those are left by the enemy along the way。
Run to the place where Long Shi hid before,But it’s already empty,Can’t find the slightest shadow of Long Shi。
Hurry up and breathe a few times,Shan turned his head and looked at the group of people who had caught up with him,The smile on his face is cruel。
Straighten the meniscus on the arm,The first person to run to Shan You,He directly pierced his head with a meniscus,Given on the ground。
Foot on that person’s head,After pulling out the meniscus,Not waiting for people behind to shoot,I rushed into the crowd again,Almost undefended offense,If it weren’t for the stumps and broken arms from time to time, flying and splashing plasma,The speed of Shan You really seems to be fast enough to blend into the darkness。
“Where is he?”
Someone in the crowd keeps asking questions,But I can’t capture Shanyou’s shadow。
Another dull voice,The person who questioned before can no longer speak。
The people beside that person looked at Shan You,Eyes widened,Seems to have discovered a new world,It’s just that he has not had time to sound the alarm,After a few silver lights,That person can’t talk anymore……
Hidden in the darkness again,Shan and angry,But he did not forget the basic principles of killing——Be friends with the dark!

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