After Anhui listened,Rolled his eyes again and said,“Or try,I am leaving,You stay with the Gotian team

inside,Doing things that are endless every day?”
After Qin Feng listened,Quickly waved his hand and said,“Can’t do it,Lord, I’m not suitable for this,I’m a great person,How can you face these boring people and boring things every day?,That would suffocate Lao Tzu。”
After the joke,Qin Feng is also getting serious,To Anhui,“I don’t know how long I will go,You really have to take care of the Getian team,See the old man if you have anything。”
Anhui nodded after listening。
The two of them talked for a while,Mainly Qin Feng is telling An Hui some issues that the Gotian team should improve。
Chapter six hundred and forty six Talk slowly
Be this young master for a while,Although he basically doesn’t care about the Gotian team,But I still see the disadvantages and advantages of the Gotian team clearly.。
Now he is leaving,It’s also time to tell Anhui these things,Let her beware,Otherwise you will be taken advantage of by accident。
After Anhui listened,I can’t help but admire Qin Feng from the bottom of my heart,This person is really thoughtful。
She has been with the Gotian team since she was a child,Didn’t find so many things。It may be because of being here for a long time,I feel that those problems are no longer a problem。
What Qin Feng said,Anhui really feels that there are still many areas for the Gotian team to improve,I can’t help but admire Qin Feng even more。
But she won’t say it,If she speaks out,I’m afraid that Qin Feng’s tail will be up to the sky。
After Qin Feng explained these things,Went back to the room to take a bath and sleep。
Qin Feng got up early the next day,Did not bring anything,I just drove empty-handed, ready to go back。
I want to ask Qin Feng how he plans to go,How can he find his way back after losing his memory,That really depends on his strong self-confidence,There is a sense of direction that is more accurate than satellite positioning,He thinks he will definitely not go wrong。
Originally he came with the fellow Cang Wolf,But since the wolf violated Huang Taixian’s wishes。

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