“So ruthless,Hahahaha。”

“Hahahahahaha。”Two people laughed together。
Two days passed quickly。Coming soon,The day they are going to the mountains
at this time。Nowadays。Lin Yuna and Xiao Fan didn’t go to the company early in the morning,The two of them got up early and started packing Lin Yoona’s luggage。
Lin Yun was looking through her clothes there, not knowing what clothes to take, or how much to take。He put the suitcase on the floor。
Sitting next to the suitcase。Sigh,“Ugh,It’s so hard。Packing up is too difficult。”
Xiao Fan walked in from the door,tell him:“what’s wrong?I don’t know what clothes to take。”
Lin Yuna said:“Yes。I usually look at so many clothes。Just take out one piece of clothing every day,But now I don’t think it’s appropriate to wear any clothes in that mountainous area。”
“And I don’t know how many,Really troublesome。”
The fireman told Lin Yuna:“I think you can stay there for up to three days,So just take three sets of clothes。”
Lin Yuna said:“Ok,It’s almost the same,You can do it in three days at most,Take three sets。”
“but。What kind of clothes to choose,Otherwise you can choose for me!”
Xiao Fan took a look。Select several sets of Lianyuan,Usually wear。All casual clothes。Put it directly in the suitcase。
Lin Yuna said:“Hey Hey hey,Don’t you ask my opinion?”
Xiao Fan said:“Didn’t you let me choose for you,Don’t listen to your opinion,I usually look pretty good,Just decided these。”
“Hey,President Xiao is too decisive, right??Just decided for me。”
Xiao Fan said:“Correct,I do things so decisively,Just decided。Faster。After cleaning up,We’ll be out in a while。”

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