Girlfriend defends herself,Huo Yunhe is very satisfied,Corners of the mouth,Happy smile,“If i’m not full,Work at midnight, your sister gets up to cook and eat,Xiao Anning,Your brother-in-law accepted。”

Brother-in-law is very common,But it pierced Zhou Chengyu’s heart like an arrow,The reason he didn’t confess was that Yang Liu didn’t like rich people,He wants to reverse her impression a little bit,Usher in love rivals without waiting for success。
Worked hard for so long,All made wedding clothes for others,Really unwilling!
Huo Yunhe,AHuo Family Only Son,Successor of the Huo Group,Has excellent ability,Perfect appearance,Such a man,More than enough with Yiyi。
What about him,Not bad,Obviously he met her first,We’ve been together for seven years,Does being a friend have a seven-year itch??
I didn’t attract Yiyi’s attention,Is it because of being too familiar??Cooked without distinction,no difference,Even genderless?
This man is mature and stable,Every gesture is strong that cannot be denied,Yiyi is caught by this masculine taste,Easily captured。
Zhou Chengyu has to admit,I’m too gentle,Just lost the opportunity,What should we do now?Is to return to friend’s position,Still bravely confess?
Iina state,I knew it was eaten to death by that man,I have no chance of winning at all,How to confess?
Maintaining the status quo can still be silently guarding,Once rejected,Maybe even friends can’t do it。
Sun Ningning kept kicking herself under the table,Is she also afraid of impulsiveness??
Let him return to his friend’s position,He is unwilling,heart,Unusually uncomfortable,The feelings I have given so many years,Not so easy to take back。
What Huo Yunhe said was clearly meant for him,Sun Ningning need not say,Those three kids are still young,Although smart,But I can’t understand everything。
A glance,Falling on Yangliu’s blushing face,heart,More painful。
“Brother-in-law?This is a bit early?Yiyi is so beautiful,So capable again,Many people chase her,You are so sure of success?”
Zhou Chengyu’s words are obviously provocative,Huo Yunhe’s face remains unchanged,Glanced at him meaningfully,Swept over the willow,Kiss her blushing face,“Yiyi is my woman,Must marry me。”
This sovereign sworn is too domineering, right?,Yang Liu who is rarely embarrassed is embarrassed,You can make trouble anyway,But now my friends and brother are here,Can’t be so shameless。

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