“Fusu,Now the underworld is getting more and more on track,You pick 500,000 ghost soldiers tomorrow,With Hu Hai,Waiting outside Xianyang,Open a portal for the Father,After you lead the ghost soldiers to conquer that world,Support Hu Hai ascended the throne,There is a man named Zhao Gao in that world,Has taken refuge in being a father,For his father, he promised his life and prosperity,Hu Hai after you became the throne,Just follow this promise。”

Ying Zheng looked at Fusu, who is now more and more like an emperor,Nodded with satisfaction,then,Commanded,Subsequently,Let them go,Discuss how to proceed。
“Big brother,Tomorrow, the younger brother will have to rely more on the help of the older brother。”
Outside the study,Hu Hai looked at Fusu who is now majestic,Salute,Respectful opening。
“You are my youngest brother,I will help my brother,just,I don’t plan to bring some hands over?”
Fusu looked at Hu Hai,His youngest brother,I only knew how to eat, drink and have fun before,Now under my father’s teaching,Start learning Wen Tao Wu strategy,Quite effective,but,Still asked。
“I am enough”
Hu Hai confidently said,then,The two discussed for a while,Then left separately,To prepare。
Mythological plane,the next day,Zhao Gao got up early,I didn’t care about what I had to do,Cooking,Took Xiaoyue and left Xianyang,Came to a wide land outside Xianyang,Wait patiently,Seeing Xiaoyue’s hesitant expression,With an inscrutable smile。
Qin Time Plane,Ying Zheng is reading in the study,After perceiving Xianyang Waifusu leading the appearance of 500,000 Tier 1 ghost soldiers,And Hu Hai is also ready,Teleporter,Apply to enter the plane of myth。
Mythological plane,After Zhao Gao received Ying Zheng’s entry request,I immediately clicked to agree,then,A huge shadow of light appeared in front of Zhao Gao,Light gate quickly condenses,Exudes mysterious fluctuations。
Qin Time Plane,Yingzheng put the portal directly outside Xianyang,then,Then ignored,It’s just a ray of thought shrouded above Fusu and others,Live broadcast started,So as to avoid any accidents。
Mythological plane,Ten breaths later,The portal is completely condensed,Then two young figures riding war horses,Walk slowly out of the portal,Zhao Gao sees here,Watching two young men,A man wearing a black robe,There are inexplicable lines on it,There is a young man,Wearing mysterious clothes,Monster eyes,It makes people feel mysterious at first glance。
Since the two,Countless soldiers,With the emergence of these soldiers,A black mist began to fill the area,The air has also become terrifying。
Xiaoyue looked at the strange figure that appeared before her,A little scared,Hold Zhao Gao’s hand tightly,Whispered。
“Zhao Gao,I met Lord Fusu,Master Hu Hai。”
After being awakened by Satsuki’s voice,Zhao Gao took Xiaoyue to the front of the two,Pulling Xiaoyue to salute,Mainly can’t tell which of the two young people is Hu Hai,Which is Fusu,But no matter which,The two brothers who feel compared to their own world,Big gap,The corner of my eye swept past the strange soldiers who were still pouring out,I feel that my prosperity and wealth in the second half of my life are stable。

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