“I have been much grieved and exercised in spirit on behalf of brother Powell,”‘ said Mr. Jackson, in his thick voice.

The expounding and the prayers were over. Seth had lighted his pipe; so had Roger Heath, the baker, from Pudcombe village. A great cool jug of ale stood on the table, and the setting sun sent his rays into the room, tempered by a screen of jessamine and vine leaves that hung down outside the window.

“Ah! And reason too!” said Seth gruffly. “He’s been getting further and further out of the right furrow this many a day.”

“They do say,” observed sour-faced Roger Heath, “that there’s dreadful scenes with them poor Welsh at his field-preachings. 杭州桑拿按摩推荐 Men and women stricken down like bullocks, and screechings and convulsions, 杭州洗浴那里好 like as if they was all possessed with the devil.”

“Lauk!” cried Mrs. Seth eagerly.杭州夜生活百花坊 “Why, how is that, then?”

Rhoda, listening outside, behind the screen of vine leaves at the open window, could not repress a shudder at the thought that, had David Powell shown this new power of his a year or two ago, she herself might have been among the convulsed who bore testimony to his terrible influence.

“How is that, Mrs. Maxfield?” returned Richard Gibbs. “Why, how can it be, except by abounding grace!”

“Nay, Mr. Gibbs, but how dreadful it seems, don’t it? Just think of falling down in a fit in the open field!”

“Just think of living and dying unawakened to sin! Is not that a hundred thousand times more dreadful?”

“I hope it don’t need to roll about 杭州男士SPA like Bedlamites to be awakened to a sense of sin, Mr. Gibbs!” cried Seth Maxfield.
“The Lord forbid!” ejaculated


brother Jackson.

“A likely tale!” added Mrs. Seth, 杭州水疗中心 cheerfully.

“I’m against all such doings,” said Roger Heath, shaking his head.

“But if it be the Lord’s doing, sir?” remonstrated Richard Gibbs, speaking slowly, and with an anxious lack-lustre gaze at the white-washed ceiling, as though counsel might be read there. “And I’ve heard tell that John Wesley did the same at his field-preachings.”

Brother Jackson hastily wiped his mouth, after a deep draught of ale, before replying, “That was in the beginning, when such things may have been needful. But now, I fear, they only bring scandal upon us, and strengthen scoffers.”

“I tell you what it is,” said Seth, taking the pipe from his mouth, and waving it up and down 杭州丝袜诱惑to emphasise his words, “it’s my opinion as David Powell’s not quite—not quite right 杭州洗浴会所双飞服务 in


his head.”

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