“Is this queen well known in Egyptian history?”

Dr. Cairn stared at him with an odd expression in his eyes.

“Some histories ignore her existence entirely,” 杭州洗浴桑拿全套 he said; and, with an evident desire to change the subject, added, “I shall return to my room to dress now. Do you 杭州夜生活去哪里搞 dress also. We cannot afford to sleep whilst the situation of that house remains unknown to us.”

Robert Cairn nodded, and his father stood up, and went out of the room.

Dawn saw the two of them peering from the balcony upon the streets of Port Said, already dotted with moving figures, for the Egyptian is an early riser.

“Have you any clue,” asked the younger man, “to the direction in which this place lies?”

“Absolutely none, for the reason that I do not know where my dreaming left off, and reality commenced. Did someone really come to my window, and lead me out through another room, downstairs, and into the street, or did I wander out of my own accord and merely imagine the existence of the guide? In 杭州有名气的足疗店 either event, I must have been guided in some way to a back entrance; for had I attempted to leave by the front door of the 杭州家庭式会所 hotel in that trance-like condition, I should certainly
have been detained by the bowwab. Suppose we commence, then, by inquiring if there is such another entrance?”

The hotel staff was already afoot, and their inquiries led to the discovery of an entrance communicating with the native servants’ quarters. This could not be reached from the main hall, but there was a narrow staircase


to the left of the lift-shaft by which it might be gained. The two stood looking out across the stone-paved courtyard upon which the door opened.

“Beyond doubt,” said Dr. Cairn, “I might have come down that 杭州龙凤后花园网 staircase and out by this door without arousing a soul, either by passing through my own room, or through any other 杭州夜生活好去处 on that floor.”

They crossed the yard, where members of the kitchen staff were busily polishing various cooking utensils, and opened the gate. Dr. Cairn turned to one of the men near by.

“Is this gate bolted at night?” he asked, in Arabic.

The man shook his head, and seemed to be much amused by the question, revealing his white teeth as he assured him that it was not.

A narrow lane ran along behind the hotel, communicating with a maze of streets almost exclusively peopled by natives.


“Rob,” said Dr. Cairn slowly, “it begins to dawn upon me that this is the way I came.”

He stood looking to right and left, and seemed to be undecided. Then:

“We will try right,” he determined.

They set off along the 杭州丝袜俱乐部 narrow way. Once clear of the hotel wall, high buildings rose upon either side, so that at no time during the day could 杭州按摩会所 the sun have penetrated to the winding lane. Suddenly Robert Cairn stopped.

“Look!” he said, and pointed. “The mosque! You spoke of a mosque near to the house?”

Dr. Cairn nodded; his eyes were gleaming, now that he felt himself to be upon the track of this great evil which had shattered his peace.

They advanced until they stood before the door of
the mosque—and there in the shadow of a low archway was just such an ancient, iron-studded door as Dr. Cairn remembered! Latticed windows overhung the street above, but no living creature was in sight.

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