There was a little hesitation among those present as to who should answer this question. To answer it involved the utterance of a name which was known to be unpleasing in Mr. Maxfield’s ears. Mrs. Thimbleby shrank into the background; 杭州龙凤后花园网 she had a special dread of old Jonathan’s stern hard face and manner. Richard Gibbs at length answered, simply, “We were speaking, Mr. Maxfield, of David


Powell’s preaching in Lady Lane and on Whit Meadow.”

Maxfield pressed his lips together, and made an 杭州品茶工作室 inarticulate sound, which might be taken to express contempt or disapprobation, or merely an acknowledgment of Gibbs’s information.

“My! I should like to have been there!” exclaimed Mrs. Gladwish.

“Well, now,” said Seth Maxfield, “my wife would walk twenty mile to keep out of the way of it. She was quite scared at all the accounts we heard.”

“But what did you hear! And what did happen, after all?” asked Mrs. Gladwish. “I wish you would give us an account of it, Mr. Gibbs.”

“It is hard to give an account of such thing to them as wasn’t present, ma’am. But there was a great 杭州spa论坛 outpouring of grace.”

Brother Jackson groaned slightly, then coughed, and shook his head.

“I never saw such a beautiful evening for the time of year,” put in one of Gladwish’s apprentices, a consumptive-looking lad with bright, dreamy eyes. “And all the folks standing 杭州spa会所推荐 in the sunset, and the river shining, and the leaves red and yellow on the branches—it was a wonderful sight.”

“It was a wonderful sight!” ejaculated Gibbs. “There was the biggest multitude I ever saw assembled in Whit Meadow. There must have been thousands of people. There were among them scoffers, and ungodly men, and seekers after the truth, and some that were already awakened. Then, women and children; they came gathering together more and more, from the north, and the south, and the east, and the west. And there, in the midst, raised up on a high bench, so that he might 杭州半套店场 be seen of all, stood David Powell. His face was as white as snow, and his black hair hung down on either side of it.”

“I thought of John the Baptist preaching in the wilderness,” said the apprentice softly.

“I couldn’t get to stand very near to him,” continued Gibbs, “and I thought I should catch but little of his discourse. But when he began to speak, though his voice was low at first, after a while it rose, and grew every moment fuller and stronger.”

“Yes,” said the bright-eyed apprentice, “it was like listening to the organ-pipes of St. Chad’s; just that kind of tremble 杭州油压怎么关门了 in it that seems to run all through your body.”

“The man always had a goodish voice,” said Brother Jackson. “But that is a carnal gift. ‘Tis the use we put our voices to


that is all-important, my dear friends.”

“He began by prayer,” said Gibbs, speaking slowly, 杭州水磨全套 and with the abstracted air of a man who is not so much endeavouring to give others a vivid narration, as to recall accurately to his own mind the things of which he is speaking. “Yes, he began with prayer. He prayed for us all there present with wonderful fervour.”

“What did he say?” asked Mrs. Gladwish.

“Nay, I cannot repeat the exact words.”

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