“Give it to me,” said Charolais. “I’ll take it to him.”

“No, no;


I’m to give it into the hands of the Duke himself and to nobody else,” said Bonavent.

“Well, in that case, you’ll have to wait till he’s finished dressing,” said Charolais.

They went on up to the stairs into the ante-room. Bonavent was walking straight into the 杭州洗浴中心莞式服务 smoking-room.

“Here! where are you going to? Wait here,” said Charolais quickly. “Take a chair; sit down.”

Bonavent sat down with a 杭州油压论坛交流论坛 very stolid air, and Charolais looked at him doubtfully, in two minds whether to leave him there alone or not. Before he had decided there 杭州男士养生馆 came a thundering knock on the front door, not only loud but protracted. Charolais looked round with a scared air; and then ran out of the room 杭州水疗会所论坛 and down the stairs.

On the instant Bonavent was on his feet, and very far from stolid. He opened the door of the smoking-room very gently and peered in. It was empty. He slipped noiselessly across the room, a pair of clippers ready in his hand, and cut the wires of the telephone. His quick eye glanced round the room and fell on the pocket-book on the


table. He snatched it up, and slipped it into the breast of his tunic. He had 杭州按摩你懂的 scarcely done it—one button of his tunic was still to fasten—when the bedroom door opened, and Lupin came out:

“What do you want?” 杭州洗浴桑拿小姐收费 he said sharply; and his keen eyes scanned the porter with a disquieting penetration.

“I’ve brought a letter to the Duke of Charmerace, 杭州哪里做spa比较嘿嘿 to be given into his own hands,” said Bonavent, in a disguised voice.

“Give it to me,” said Lupin, holding out his hand.

“But the Duke?” 杭州水磨服务会所 said Bonavent, hesitating.

“I am the Duke,” said Lupin.

Bonavent gave him the letter, and turned to go.

“Don’t go,” said Lupin quietly. 杭州大学生伴游 “Wait, there may be an answer.”

There was a faint glitter in his eyes; but Bonavent missed it.

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