“He went to hear the reading, and they took him,” she moaned. “And who will keep the little ones from starving in the winter coming on?”

“It is where I, too, would be now—in the chapel prison yonder,” said I gently. “But I lay in the woods, wounded, too sick to go to the reading, so I escaped.”

The resentment faded out. She saw that I was 163not one of those who shamed her husband’s credulity. I 杭州龙凤论坛vip might have been caught too, had I been given the same chance.

“For the little ones, I pray you accept this silver, and count it a loan to your husband in his prison,” 杭州桑拿按摩寻欢爽记 said I, slipping two broad Spanish pieces into her hand.

She looked grateful and astonished, but had no words ready.

“And do, I beg of you, a kindness to one in bitter need of it,” I went on. “You know Father Fafard?”

Her face lightened with love.

“He grieves for me, thinking me dead,” said I. “Tell him, I beg of you, that one who loves him waits to see him in the wood by the lower ford.”

Her face clouded with suspicion.

“How shall I know—how shall he know—you are honest?” she asked.

I was troubled.

“You must judge by your woman’s wit,” said I. “And he will come. He fears no one. But no, tell him Paul Grande waits at the lower ford.”

“The traitor!


” she 杭州桑拿按摩全套 blazed out; and, recoiling, hurled the money in my face. It stung strangely.

“You are wrong,” said I, in a low voice. “But as you will. Tell him, if you will, that Paul Grande, 杭州足浴一条街在 the traitor, waits for him at the lower ford. But if you do not tell him, be sure he will not soon 164forgive you. And for the money, he shall keep it for your children—and you will be sorry to have unjustly accused me.”

She laughed with bitter mockery, and turned away.

“But I will tell him; that can do no harm,” she said. “I’ll tell him the traitor who loves him waits at the ford.”

I withdrew into the wood, beyond all reason pained at the injustice.

The unpleasant peasant woman was as 杭州按摩足浴论坛 good as her word, however; for in little more than the space of an hour I saw Father Fafard approaching. Plainly he had come hot upon the instant.

“My dear, dear boy! Where 杭州龙凤阁6 have you been, and what suffered?” he cried, catching me hard by the two arms, and looking into my eyes.

“It was Gr?l saved me,” said I.

Beyond earshot, deep in the wood, where no wind hindered the noon sun from warming a little open glade, I told my story briefly.

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