Rosa Klebb stood over her. She lifted her glass merrily. `Za vashe 杭州按摩店有服务吗 zdarovie, Comrade Tatiana. And my warmest congratulations!’

Tatiana stitched a ghastly smile on her face. She picked up her glass and gave a little bow. `Za vashe zdarovie, Comrade Colonel.’ She drained the glass, as is the custom in Russian drinking, and put it down 杭州足疗手推 in front of her.

Rosa Klebb immediately filled it again, slopping some over the table-top. `And now to the health of your new department, Comrade.’ She raised her glass. The sugary smile tightened as she watched the girl’s reactions.


Numbly, Tatiana got to her feet. 杭州水磨会所攻略 She picked up the full glass. `To SMERSH.’ The word scarcely came out. She choked on the champagne and had to take two gulps. She sat heavily down.

Rosa Klebb gave her no time for reflection. She sat down opposite and laid her hands flat on the table. `And now to business, Comrade.’ Authority 杭州油压按摩 was back in the voice. `There is much work to be done.’ She leant forward. `Have you ever wished to live abroad, Comrade? In a foreign country?’

The champagne was having its effect on Tatiana. Probably worse was to come, but now let it come quickly.

`No, 杭州spa正规的吧 Comrade. I am happy in Moscow.’

`You have never thought what it might be like living in the West-all those beautiful clothes, the jazz, the modern things?’

`No, Comrade.’ She was truthful. She had never thought about it.

`And if the State required you to live in the West?’

`I would 杭州水疗SPA obey.’


Tatiana shrugged her shoulders with a hint of impatience. `One does what one is told.’

The woman paused. There was girlish conspiracy in the next question.

`Are you a virgin, Comrade?’

Oh, my God, thought Tatiana. `No, Comrade Colonel.’

The wet lips 杭州按摩价格 glinted in the light.

`How many men?’

Tatiana coloured to the roots of her hair. Russian girls are reticent and prudish about sex. In Russia the sexual


climate is mid-Victorian. These questions from the Klebb woman were all the more revolting for being asked in this cold inquisitorial 杭州桑拿信息网 tone by a State official she had never met before in her life. Tatiana screwed up her courage. She stared defensively into the yellow eyes. `What is the purpose of these intimate questions please, Comrade Colonel?’

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