“Not at present, my lady. I will examine your 杭州按摩好的地方 household first.”

As Wilfred’s foot was sprained, the inspector was shown into the morning-room. It was a case of the mountain coming to Mahomet–Mr. Woke being a veritable mountain of official dignity.

He looked curiously at the pale young man lying on the sofa, and seeing he was in pain, examined him as gingerly as possible. Wilfred was quite ready to give an account of his movements, although he expressed some surprise 杭州洗浴按摩体验 that such information should be required.

“Surely you don’t suspect me of complicity in this dastardly crime, Mr. Inspector?”

“Dear me, no, certainly not,” replied the jovial Woke, rubbing his 杭州龙凤网 hands, “but I am examining the whole household. It is wonderful what evidence may be gathered by such means. Indeed, I have got some evidence already. It may bear on the case, or it may not.”

“What is it?” asked Wilfred, listlessly, and winced as his foot gave a twinge.

“I’ll tell you later, sir. First relate your movements, please, last night.”

Young Burton gave an account coinciding with that of Lady Jenny. “My foot must have got twisted,” he said, “for it grew very painful, and the ankle is a good deal swollen, Otherwise I should not have let Lady Jenny go on alone; but she was anxious to see my brother and insisted on going. It 杭州按摩技师 was a few minutes past nine when she left me. I tried to walk, but could not. Then the rain came on, and I dragged myself under a tree. I got soaked through, and thinking I should probably catch a severe chill–I am not strong, Mr. Woke–I set my teeth 杭州油压论坛交流论坛 to it and hobbled home. I found a stake, which I used as a crutch; but the pain was so great that I could only walk very slowly. No one was about who could help


me–it was so late. I got home after ten, and the butler helped me in. Then I went to bed, and put cold water bandages on my foot. It is easier now.”

“You should get the doctor to see it, Mr. Burton.”

“The doctor has been too busy examining poor Malet’s body,” said Wilfred. “I shall see him soon.”

“Have you any idea who murdered Mr. Malet, sir?”

“Great heavens, no! The whole case is a mystery to me.”

“Mr. Malet had many 杭州龙凤酒店 enemies I believe.”

“He said he had, but I think he spoke generally rather than of any particular person or persons. So far as I know he had no enemy who specially desired his death.”

The inspector looked grave and a trifle ill at ease. “Mr. Burton,” he said at length, “are you aware that your brother was on bad terms with Mr. Malet?”

“They were 杭州养生美容会所 not friendly,” admitted Wilfred, looking anxious.


“There was a disagreement about my brother’s marriage. But, come now, my brother hasn’t anything to do with the affair?”

“Well,” said Woke, pinching his chubby chin, “it’s just this way, sir. I have been making inquiries, and I find that your brother and the deceased had a violent quarrel yesterday afternoon in this house.”

“I know that, but a quarrel does not mean murder. Confound it, sir, I won’t listen to your insinuations.”

Mr. Woke went on coolly and deliberately. “I questioned Roberts, the butler,” he said, “and the man admitted that Captain Burton had used threatening language.”

“How did Roberts know?”

“He overheard Captain Burton at the open door of the library. He spoke loud enough for the whole house to hear, 杭州洗浴那里好 so Roberts says, but there happened to be nobody else about.”

“Go on,” cried Wilfred, flushed and impatient. “Let me hear what my brother said.”

“He called Mr. Malet a swindler, and said he would make it hot for him.”

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