The region’s financial institutions stabilize enterprises to rescue the accurate efforts

  The reporter learned from the Financial Support Autonomous Region’s Stable Enterprise Reunion Press Conference held by the News Affairs Office of the Autonomous Region Government on May 20 that the People’s Bank of China Hohhot Center Sub -branch will maintain stable credit growth, financial support stabilization as the top priority of the current work as the top priority of the current work. Active and promoted to take the initiative, formulate a series of financial policies and measures, and guide financial institutions to increase the stability of enterprises. As of the end of April, the balance of RMB loans in the region was trillion yuan, an increase of 7%year -on -year, an increase of 100 million yuan from the beginning of the year, and the total credit volume remained stable growth.

  Since the beginning of this year, the People’s Bank of China Hohhot Center Sub -branch has effectively implemented a differentiated deposit reserve policy, actively played the dual functions and structural dual functions of monetary policy tools, and uses enough re -loan and discounting. Land to the ground.

In April, the regional financial institutions available for a comprehensive reduction of 100 million yuan.

From January to April, a total of 100 million yuan was issued by the agricultural branch, a year -on -year increase of%, and the cash -to -discount 100 million yuan was processed. In the first quarter, 14.46 million yuan in loan support tools for the qualified local legal person financial institutions were distributed for the qualified local legal person financial institutions, and the local legal person banks issued a loan of 100 million yuan to inclusive small and micro enterprises. Financial institutions use carbon emission reduction support tools to support 44 (times) enterprises to obtain medium- and long -term loan financing 100 million yuan, and use coal cleaning and efficient use of special re -loans to 22 (times) coal and coal power enterprises to provide loan funds of 3.5 billion yuan Essence In the first quarter of this year, Inner Mongolia’s carbon emission reduction tools, support for coal clean and efficient use of re -loan distribution ranked third and second in the country, respectively.

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