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Liu Renfu was born in 1885. He Zai Shou, No. Jingshan, is a native of Yanzihe Town, Jinzhai County.He was studying in a foreign time and was deeply influenced by the "May 4th" movement and Marxism. He graduated from the Anhui Political and Law School and was elected as a member of the Huoshan County House of Representatives after returning home.

During the middle age, he operated a grocery store in Yanzihe.

He presided over justice and considerate the poor, and he was very good in the Yanzi River.The sound of artillery of the October Revolution and the wave of the May 4th New Culture Movement sent Marxism to the Yanzi River Mountains where traffic was blocked.

In 1920, Yanxi Primary School in Yanzi River set up Marxist learning activities with the principal Xu Shouxi. Grade students. Liu Renfu, who was doing business in Yanzihe Grocery Store at that time, participated in the learning activities with a strong desire to learn.

The spread of revolutionary truth and the influence of progressive ideas have aroused the waves that yearn for revolution in his heart.

In the old China of the semi -feudal and semi -colonies, the nation was insulted and the people were bullied.

On the land of Yanzi River in Jinzhai County, in addition to the name of imperialism, in the name of mission, churches set up churches for political, economic and cultural aggression, as well as local bandit nuns and landlords and gentlemen, which oppressed the people like a tiger.

Liu Renfu saw that the Kuomintang government worshiped at the feet of foreigners, funeral and humiliated the country, and was full of indignation; witnessing that the working public was oppressed, exploited, hungry and cold, and worried. The fire that liberated the people and saved the Chinese nation burned in his chest.

In the autumn of 1922, Liu Zuoting, the biggest bully landlord in Yanzi River, and Zheng Xiaochuan, Chen Xianyi and others with local small and medium -sized landlords, in order to increase the peasants, they need to drive the households from the land that has been struggling with the ancestors and obtaining permanent power. Go, turn to the village to seize, increase the lease and loan. The landlords of the landlord class have made poor farmers face deeper disasters. The households were like a fire, and they filled with indignation.

However, where the poor people are reasonable, there is no way for the poor people. How much the households are looking forward to someone coming out, commented with the landlord’s bully, and compete for a high or low! When Liu Renfu needed to help him to read the reason like a poor farmer, he resolutely betrayed his landlord’s family, stood publicly on the side of the poor farmers, asked landlords to comment, and helped the poor to speak.

A struggle for reversal Zhuang and Bao Yongzhang began. In October 1922, the representatives of more than a hundred households around the Yanzi River came to Zhongyi Tong (now the Jieling Village in Changling Township) on the Xieling Ridge.

The households heard that Liu Renfu gave them the lead, and they all applauded. The poor people have already heard that Liu Renfu is a deep -righteous and well -known person. For many years, he has made a head -in with Liu Zuoting! People have come to Qi, and the venue is quiet.

People’s eyes set towards Liu Renfu, who appeared in the middle of people.

His tall figure, Bai Jing’s face, his eyes piercing. Liu Ren supplemented with four weeks and said loudly: "The folks, today everyone did not leave to work hard to come to the Zhongyi Temple to meet, in order to discuss the plan to maintain Yongye.

I heard that Liu Zuoting’s livelihood in the township, and he had to transfer to Zhuang to win. This was absolutely unbearable. I am deeply sympathetic to the situation of poor folks. "Liu Renfu’s voice fell, and the households screamed in unison.

Then, Liu Renfu told the history of the struggle of Yongzhe’s power: As early as the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom period, the landlord class in the Yanzi River regained the Taiping Army who entered the Yanzi River, collected farmers, and organized armed forces to fight the Taiping Army.

In order to allow farmers to kill them, the landlords agreed to abolish the provisions of the "five years and one -village" leased land in the past, allowing farmers to have "permanent power".

In order to protect this right, farmers established the "Zhongyi Temple" in Changshan, and established a "Yongxuan Stele" to prove it.

However, in the autumn of 1922, the gentry led by the landlord Liu Zuoyan, the landlord of the Yanzihe River, wanted to transfer to Zhuang to win (the fields that are about to rent to the farmers to withdraw another rent in order to increase the rent and loan). The news came, and the peasants filled the government with indignation, and they rally to work with Liu Zuoting.

… The history of the tragic struggle has even aroused the respectful mood of the poverty -stricken households against the heroic struggle of the ancestors, and also strengthened the strong determination to fight against the relatively struggle with the landlords and other landlords such as Liu Zuoting.

Suddenly, the discussion and shouting of "the right of Yongxuan’s rights cannot be lost", "winning Zhuang and winning".

"Yes! Yongye’s rights cannot be lost. This was exchanged for our ancestors with blood.

Liu Zuoting’s insatiable vampires, regardless of the poor folks, have to transfer to Zhuang to win, rent and loan, we must not promise! In order to evoke the awakening of poor farmers, Liu Renfu said, "The folks, I also introduce a major event to you: Our neighboring and Soviet Union, like our country, the bureaucratic landlords oppressed the poor. Five years ago, the poor and the public united to overthrow the reactionary rule, defeated the bureaucratic landlord, and turned over as the master.

As long as we work together across the country and fight with feudal bureaucratic landlords, the era of our heads will come! "Liu Renfu’s words seemed to ignite a fire in the hearts of the households." Go! Let’s find Liu Zuoting to calculate the account! "We find him a lawsuit!" "Everyone talked again." Yes, we want to fight with him, to give the text, I will accompany him; if you want to give martial arts, the folks are on the battle! "Liu Renfu encouraged everyone to say." Mr. Liu gave us the master, we are not afraid of anything! "The households made a loud voice. The next day, the households gathered in the entanglement, and Liu Renfu also resolutely changed the seller’s property, shouldered the expectations, as the parliament of the county crowd, and came to the Kuomintang Huoshan County Government (then the Yanzi River belonged to Huoshan County To.

However, the county government was bribed by Liu Zuoting, saying that this was a matter of the family, and the patriarch should be mediation and did not accept it. Liu Renfu let go of it, and then handed the complaint to the county government, saying that he would not accept it again. Thousands of beets in Yanzihe lying on the county, hunger strike! The government was afraid that things were big, so they had to open the church. Liu Renfu took out the "Yongluanquanity" voucher preserved by the households at the time of the Kuomintang’s political and legal regulations, and relentlessly exposed the despicable tricks of the landlord’s gentry to the village and the poverty -stricken farmers. Under the statement of Liu Renfan’s righteous words, they were in a poor and poor, and the farmers were rebellious. They had to promise to maintain the original "Yongye power" of the farmers. Liu Ren returned from the triumph, and the poor people in the Yanzi River greeted each other. Everyone congratulated each other and laughed.

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